Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The RED LIGHT district
Stop for energy conservation! (gah. corny.)

In our electronic age we can be continually sucking up energy without even noticing. Every plug space used to power the digital clocks, the red “stand-by” lights on a receivers and DVD players, and our charging cell-phone, all ready for our entertainment at any moment. Sure it’s convenient, but is it needed? Not exactly. Here are some easy ways to cut down on that energy use.

1. Plug your TV, DVD player, stereo system, etc. into a power strip and when you are not going to use those items, turn the strip off, this will cut down on the energy used to keep your electronics at a beck-n-call at all times.

2. Unplug that microwave! There’s no doubt that we are already greatly controlled by the ticking clock, so do you really need another appliance to let you know how late you are running? On a normal day, your microwave will use more power to keep its clock lit that it will to heat your food!

3. Take the habit to the office (or home office) – the same method can be applied to your computer electronics as well. Don’t leave all those computers on stand-by, especially during the day, if you are leaving your desk, turn off the monitor, if you are going to be gone for over an hour turn it off completely.

4. The average cell phone takes only a couple of hours to get full of power, so don’t leave in plugged in all night. All that energy just goes to waste. Instead just charge your phone, computer, etc. when they need it, and when they are fully charged, unplug it! The battery can only hold so much juice, its not going to get super strength if you leave it in longer. Also if you’d like you might want to invest in a wind-up charger! (Sorry, I don’t know where to get them yet.)

Well, ecstatic energy saving to you and yours!


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