Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Excuse for Laziness

this shirt is dry clean only. which means it's dirty. - mitch hedberg

I’m dirty for the sake of our planet.

No really! I only shower a few times a week and I wear my jeans for a week or two. (I’m lucky; my hair doesn’t get greasy for a very long time.) Less showering means less water is used. Wearing jeans and sweaters until they’re visibly (or olfactory-ly) dirty means less water is used (and they get less worn out, so I have to replace them less!) Plus, we have to do less laundry (and we PAY for our laundry, so we save money!) We also use our towels forever before we throw them in the wash.

It’s simple, it saves us time and money, and it furthers our cause for laziness. Score.

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  1. I hear you! My husband can't believe that I only shower once a week, but I asked him point blank if he noticed. He didn't. He had no idea, even on day 6 that I hadn't showered! You can't start out showering that little, though, as you have to let your skin adjust to not producing as much oil.
    I am all for this excuse for laziness!


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