Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Over or Under is No Longer a Debate: More Toilet Talk

A bit TMI, perhaps...but I just gotta tell you about our toilet paper habits.

As a part of our get-rid-of-paper-products kick, and inspired by Crunchy's challenge, I took the plunge and decided to try using cloth wipes instead of recycled TP. (Don't say I didn't I warn you it was TMI!)

Now, before you get totally grossed out, let me explain that 1) I just tried it with #1 at first; 2) If you've used cloth diapers, it's really not a big leap; and 3) It's perfectly possible to do this for even the most squeamish among us.

With virtually every drastic change I've made, I've completely balked at the idea at first, then slowly but surely accepted the idea (usually falling in love with it after a few weeks). I've been using cloth TP for about two months now. Here are some of the benefits:
  • It's waaay cheaper to cut up an old t-shirt than to spring for the comfy (or recycled) stuff
  • The comfort factor -- imagine a soft flannel cloth or t-shirt instead of scratchy paper...you cannot even imagine!
  • Reducing waste and paper usage -- there's no packaging, there's no waste (minus a small amount of detergent and water to wash the cloths)
  • Less chemicals -- making toilet paper is a chemical, water, and energy intensive process, so cloth saves on all of that!
Here's how I do it:

- Cut up old t-shirts into squares about 4" by 4"
- Put stack of cloths on back of toilet and use as needed :)
- Use a mesh lingerie bag to put the used cloths in
- Throw the bag in the laundry when I do a load
- Ta-da! It's super easy, makes you feel good, saves some money, and is good for the planet (kinda our theme 'round here)

Give it a try!

PS: Is anyone else looking forward to Thanksgiving and a few days off as much as I am!?


  1. Okay, that's an awesome idea! I'm totally gonna do that ...well, for #1 only! I bet it feels 100% better!

  2. This is an EXCELLENT idea. I have so many old, soft clothing items lying around that aren't fit for the charity bin.

    And bordering on TMI, I was in an "earth-friendly" store the other day, and saw that they have Diva Cups. If I can get over being weirded out about buying it from the male store owner, I am going to get one.


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