Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Simplify...Get outside....

After a fun filled night with friends (and lots cake...mmm), it's 1 am and I usually stay awake until 10 pm. So this is gonna be a short post about what we try to do to stay sane and centered. Why is this related to environment? Because when you feel more focused, you make better decisions that line up with who you are and who you want to be. And being relaxed doesn't take too much electricity. Two birds. As well, when you spend time outdoors, you are increasing your connection to nature and how much you value it.

(I warned you I'm freaking tired and may be prone to rambling)

Try some of these:

- Do some yoga or other slow stretching -- it feels great, and the meditation can be sooo relaxing
- Go for a long walk outside
- Drink some peppermint tea (or any kind of tea...peppermint just feels magical to me)
- Curl up with a book
- Learn how to knit...then knit some scarves for Christmas
- Simply sit in a room and absorb and observe -- this is a kind of meditation some monks do
- Light some candles and/or incense
- Take a break from people and be alone for a few hours
- Write
- Be present to the moment and those around you
- Make an effort to complain less, because it usually begets no good

I need to remind myself to take time to do these's to the start of a relaxed, enjoyable holiday season! Time for me to be present to some Zzzz's and meditate my way to sleep.


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