Friday, February 15, 2008


Also? Happy 2 months till your taxes are due day!

6 Random Happy Things:

6. I learned how to make tiramisu! It was freaking delicious, too.

5. Lent is here - which means no TV or chocolate. Except when it's an emergency.

4. We finally solved the dilemma of how NOT to get Styrofoam for take out. I will share soon.

3. I'm taking the kids from work on a field trip to the Dayton Peace Museum next month. Super excited! Their motto? "A space to make peace in a world that pays too much attention to violence." Swoon. It's like music to my little idealistic ears.

2. Next year will bring change in some shape or form. I can't say more right now, but I am still VERY EXCITED.

1. I definitely met Hillary Clinton yesterday. The best part? We brought a few kids from work...who thought she was in a Soulja Boy video. And that she was Bill Clinton's daughter.

Later, back at work, I talked to the 4th and 5th graders about what happened...
Me: So who is Hillary Clinton and why is she famous?
Kid: Well, I think she's gonna be the vice president.
Me: Close! Actually, she's a presidential candidate. Does anyone know why ELSE she is famous?
Kid: I think Bill Clinton is her brother.
Me: No...not quite...
Kid: Her uncle!
Me: No...(they start shouting really random answers, so I point to my left ring finger)
Kid: Her husband!
Me: And, what do you call the wife of a president?
Kid: Mrs. President!
Me: No...(they stare at me blankly, so I lead them) First...(nothing. still.)...Lady! First Lady!
Kids: First Lady to vote! First Lady to marry a president! First Lady to live in the White House!
Me: Um, no. Guys, every president's wife is just CALLED the First Lady. It's not like she was the first lady to do something.

Reflecting on the experience, I wish I could I say I really feel moved about democracy and blah blah*. But really, here's what I'm REALLY thinking:

* She was SHORT!
* She was also surprisingly svelte. Or at least thinner than I had expected.
* She did not make me want to vote for her. As my coworker said in response to being asked if she was nice - "She just sorta stuck her hand out there and let you do with it what you wanted."
* She had a cute puffy jacket that upon closer examination seems to be lined with Burberry plaid. Shoulda guessed. That woman is loaded.
* My life must be dull if the most famous people I have met are Hillary Clinton and Alex Trebek.

NOTE! I took that picture with my own two hands! Or one. Whatever.

* I am not making fun of feeling moved by democracy. Yay democracy! Although at times I feel as though this has become more of a People magazine version of politics. Whatever, I'm totally falling for it.


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