Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh, Facebook.

I'm a 20 something.

Which means I love Facebook. Or at least I spend time on Facebook*.
There are many opinions about Facebook and other social networking sites. Personally, I've gotten to keep up with friends all over the world...going to an international school means I went to high school with people from over 40 countries. Facebook enables me to keep in touch with them no matter WHERE they are.

It's interesting how my generation seems so much more comfortable being virtual activists - we have email petitions, we email legislators and politicians, and Facebook has a veritable plethora of applications and the capacity to wear your issues on your, profile page. (FYI, non-Facebookers: An application is a little tool to add to your profile. They are a little ridiculous and I'm not necessarily a big fan.) You can support causes or a politician or join a group.

Today's discovery was the I Am Green application. Like I said, I'm not crazy about applications. They clutter up pages and make things a little too much like Myspace. But this application is freaking awesome.

The way it works is - you check off what "green" (shudder! trendy term!) things you do and you get leaves. So I have 35 leaves. It shows up in your profile so you're able to share your actions with others. I somewhat avoid initiating conversations with others when it comes to the touchy subject of the environment. People get defensive. So it's kinda cool that I can share my ideas in a non-threatening way.

Plus, it tells you how many leaves your friends have, so you can feel cool if you have more than them. And check out what they're doing. It's competitive (and oh, how I have a competitive streak!), it's creative, and it gives you ideas. Plus, it shows you that OTHER people do really socially unacceptable things. Like selective flushing. :) Ahem.

Here's my list:
  • I turn off all the lights that are not necessary
  • I store most of my food in reusable containers instead of aluminum foil
  • I reuse my water bottle instead of buying bottled water
  • I reuse bags.
  • I use a digital camera
  • I donate old clothes and other items instead of throwing them away
  • I do not shop at Wal-Mart
  • I use towels more than once before washing them
  • I support presidential candidates who plan to protect the environment and to help it thrive
  • I bring my own containers for take out and restaurant leftovers
  • I shop the farmers market weekly
  • I talk to my friends about living green
  • I live in a space smaller than 1000 square feet
  • I use mostly all-natural, biodegradable cleaning products
  • I don't have a yard, or it has only local, low maintenance vegetation
  • I am a Vegetarian
  • I don't smoke cigarettes
  • I pay my bills online
  • I unplug chargers when not in use so that they don’t continue to use electricity
  • I only wash clothes with a full load in the machine
  • Je refuse les sacs de plastiques quand c'est possible
  • I bring reusable bags to the grocery store
  • I don't bath/shower every day
  • I do not own any personal motorized watercraft, aircraft, or a hummer
  • I do not have gasoline bonfires
  • I recycle, even when it is not convenient some second-hand / re-use clothing
  • In public restrooms, I dry my hands naturally by using only time
  • I don't buy disposable plates/utensils
  • I eat only free range, sustainable animal products
  • I read/learn a lot about environmental issues
  • I give money or volunteer time to green non-profits
  • I hang dry my laundry
  • I flush selectively (and the people who live with me accept that)
  • Most of my light bulbs are compact fluorescents
  • Most of my batteries are rechargeable
  • I carry a mug for drinks I buy to go

Also? To segue into a completely unrelated note...

"It's the primaries! Just relax. Americans are only voting for the chance to vote for a black president. You see, once they get to the general election, I think they'll find a 73-year-old white Republican is just about the kind of change they're ready for."
That makes me laugh. A LOT. I love that show. Hope no one's too offended!

*Note: Mike, also a 20 something, doesn't have a Facebook account I'm actually quite proud of him :)

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  1. I flush selectively too! My hubby can't stand it, but it is for the earth so he has to get used to it!

    Love your blog! I will be back!


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