Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hair Tuesday

I've had long hair my whole life. Last Thursday, I took a plunge (after being featured on Hair Thursday) and got about half a foot chopped off. I absolutely LOVE it and couldn't be happier.

I'll admit, I'll also be happier to stop finding reallly long strands of brown hair around our apartment. And on my clothes. And in the car. Um, yeah. Maybe shorter strands will be easier to deal with. :)

It got me thinking, though - is shorter hair better for the environment? I think yes! Now, maybe this is a stretch, but the less hair you have the less shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hair spray, and such you need. Plus, it would require less electricity to dry, straighten, or curl less hair.

In my case, I used to throw my hair back into a ponytail or messy bun about 80% of the time, and now I'll be forced out of laziness and into regular hair product usage. That means more plastic containers and metal tubes of mousse goodness. Yuck. I wish I knew a better way to make my hair curly (but not frizzy!) than loading tons of chemicals onto it creating extra waste.

I own neither a blow dryer NOR a curling iron. Doesn't that count for something?!


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