Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yep, I'm Pretty Much a Weirdo

This morning as I was doing the dishes, I paused for a moment and wondered how many other people actually wash out their Ziplock bags to use over and over again. Sometimes I really forget how weird I am!

Here's something to think about though - I have not had to buy any kind of plastic bag for an entire year. For trash bags, we just use Target bags (or whatever other store we happened to go to and not bring a tote bag. Even though we make an effort to bring our own bags to the store, we are not in danger of running out anytime soon of the plastic bags from the times we forget.) For food storage, I continue to reuse the ziplock bags, used plastic containers from food, and cute little Corningware dishes.

I remember the first time I'd ever heard of someone reusing Ziplock bags. I was in middle school, living in Thailand and our housekeeper (no, we weren't rich, everyone had one) would rinse out the bags, turn them inside out, and stick them to fridge to dry. My little American self thought her Thai ways were strange. I was a product of a country who valued disposability and the temporary nature of our merchandise. Now I see that she saw no reason to throw away something that had just been used once.

It's definitely to the advantage of a company to create disposable products, because consumers will need to keep spending their money to buy replacements. But we really don't need to - not when we buy products that will last or just use products longer. Sometimes it's good to be weird. :)

Check it out. It was a Winter Wonderland. No cars! (Except the dozens at the car dealership.)


  1. You're not a weirdo...I have started to do the same with my Ziplocs. One question though: Have you found anything (certain foods, etc) that would cause the bags to not be reusable?

  2. That is not weird at all - I remember my grandfather once made my grandma a little wooden "tree" with a bunch of spokes for her to hang her rinsed bags on to dry. Cutest christmas gift EVER because it recognized that he loved her endearing quirkiness.

  3. Sweet. Glad to hear it, ladies!

    Angelica - Really really sticky things make it hard to reuse, but if you're dedicated enough to clean it out, I think anything goes! (Although probably not hot grease, boiling water, you get the idea :) )

    Jamie - that is the absolutely CUTEST thing ever! Endearing quirkiness, love the phrase.

  4. I do this too, though I Rarely buy them. I try to just use the recycable plastic tubs.

    And Target has reusables now in stores! Google it if you can't find it! Wal-mart has them too, which has helped them inch up from my hate level to thoroughly dislike. They are trying so I will give them some credit.


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