Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pay It Forward

I have to share what just happened to me; because as simple as it was, it completely lifted my spirits.

After grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and our local grocery store, I was parallel parking in front of our apartment (which, by the way, I seem to TOTALLY ROCK at when no one is looking, but if someone is in the car with me, or watching me, I am inept and it takes me a few times.) It was actually my first attempt, no redo needed (!) when a guy started walking towards my car. I always get a little panicky when guys start walking fast towards my car when I'm parking (it's actually happened several times, usually they're going to get in their own car), I start to worry that they're going to attack me or use this opportunity to yank open my door and...I have no idea, but my heart starts racing (I have irrational fears and a wild imagination, obviously).

He had come over to coach me into my parking spot. He tells me to keep going and I listen, even though Dude! I'm on the CURB! I can do better than this! But stranger boy wants to help, so I let him. He tells me to back up, pull forward, etc until I'm snug in between a yellow SUV and a white Honda. Then he runs off, so I open my door and yell, "Thanks!"

"No problem!" stranger college boy yells back.

I load myself up with a few tote bags* and my purse, grab my bag of oranges and 4-pack of Virgil's root beer, and start walking up to my building. Stranger boy #2 is smoking outside and asks me which door I'm going in, then opens it for me, saying "Figured I'd make it a little easier for you."

These two occurrences are tiny, minuscule, insignificant - but they totally made my day. (Possibly because no one in my apartment building seems overly friendly or helpful or shows any desire for human interaction whatsoever, so the bar might be set pretty low. Plus, I'm sentimental, so things like this have the ability to make my day)

But the coolest part is I think stranger boy #2 helped me because he saw stranger boy #1 help me. Seriously, go make some one's day.

* So I use reusable bags for my groceries, right? But I cannot figure out the best method for buying lettuce! I usually a) stick in it my cart sans thin plastic bag, or b) stick it in a thin plastic produce bag along with whatever else I'm getting produce-wise. But if I do (a) then I get weird looks from cashiers, which I'm okay with (but it always is all wet and gets everything else in my basket wet. because you know I totally can't buy pre-washed, pre-cut greens anymore!). (b) just means more annoying plastic bags. So here's what I'm thinking - REUSE the product bags, so I don't get weird stares, AND I don't get water everywhere. Um, but that would require remembering things, which I suck at. It's taken me over a year to remember to bring reusable bags! Anyone else have any ideas about how to buy produce at the grocery store?? :)


  1. I don't have any personal experience with this, and it's just a brainstorm, but what if you store used produce bags in your reusable totes? That way, if you're remembering the totes, you'll have the extra produce bags in the bottom, already there?

    If you get produce at that visit, awesome, the bags are there. If you don't, they don't take up much room in the bottom of your tote.

    Just a thought...

  2. Casual Perfectionist's idea is what I was going to say :)

  3. That is perfect. I love it. I knew there were still nice people out there. :)

  4. wonderful to hear there are people out there willing to help out!


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