Thursday, March 20, 2008

Seven Deadly Sins Remix

So, the Vatican has come out with some "new" sins we can be guilty of.

I'm actually really excited about these, though, because they are finally drawing attention to social and environmental obligations. (Perfect for my oh-so-religious-but-thinks-global-warming-is-a-money-making-farce family!)

Here they are:

1. genetic modification
2. carrying out experiments on humans
3. polluting the environment (!)
4. causing social injustice (!)
5. causing poverty (!)
6. becoming obscenely wealthy (!)
7. taking drugs

Faith and religion can be a wonderful way to give individuals happiness, fulfillment, and peace. A religion can encourage followers to make the world a better place through social justice and stewardship of the environment. I so wish it always worked like that. I wish religions never focused hatred and division – but instead on acceptance and unity. Maybe I sound all hippie-dippy, but seriously. What is the point of promoting anger or a superiority complex when there are REAL issues that we can tackle?

End rant.


  1. Though I think it is strange that they would all of a sudden come up with "new sins" and the conception of such a thought makes me cringe, I think the motives are good and will get some people to shape up who live a religious life and only do things because they are suppossed to. It has to be all for the better of the world at large, right?

  2. Actually, this isn't any official list, or remaking of the "old" list. It's more of a discussion about issues that have cropped up as the result of new inventions and the modern age. Like Tipp said, it's somewhat of a realization that actions have consequences that as the result of our increased connectedness can have a widespread impact.


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