Thursday, April 3, 2008

InDecision 2008

I hate making decisions.

Let me clarify that, I REALLY hate making decisions.

The summer before I was a senior in high school, I chose to live in the States with a friend's family instead of returning with my family to Malaysia. Because, like, I totally couldn't live without my friends, right? The night before my family left for Malaysia, I burst into tears and changed my mind. "I don't wanna live with her family! I wanna live with you guys! Wah!"

Best decision ever, because I love my family and have no idea what I was thinking trying to live apart from them for my senior year of high school (my parents are pretty awesome and gave me SO much freedom growing up). Last minute decision - they had to buy me a ticket and enroll me in the international school again.

When I was a senior in high school, I was all, "Oh no! Which college! Ack!" and created a detailed spread sheet with points and percentages and categories to determine which college would be the best fit. After the winner emerged, I promptly went with my gut and chose a different school. (And I loved my college. So good decision.) But another last minute decision and switching my mind...

My sophomore year of college I found out a month before the end of first semester that I would be going to Hawaii for the spring semester. Again, a last minute situation...

I changed my major in May of my junior year. I still graduated on time.

As a senior in college, I was torn and confused. I got into grad school, but there was also a job with my college that was really enticing. Add to that the fact that Mike and I had to decide together, and I was one confused girl. I was all, "Oh no! Where to live! What to do! Must decide!" A week before graduation, we decided. (I took the job.)

Every single decision feels like it’s the epitome of stress and the ultimate Career Decision.

Yet again, I find myself in this place.

Do I want to stay at my job? Or do I want to start grad school? Am I ready to make that big of a decision? Should we move? Should I apply to NEW jobs? Will I be happier somewhere else? Or if I’m doing something else? What if I make the wrong career decision?


  1. Hello, Ashley!
    Thanks for your posting and have a good weekend.
    I loved this blog.

  2. I love your little blog.

    I think that we all go through those times where we truly don't know where life will take us.

    You've made all the right decisions so far. You know that you're going to make another good one.

  3. David: Thanks for visiting!

    Ashley: Thanks for the reassuring words. I think about how I HAVE made all the right decisions, so that gives me confidence...
    (BTW, What is your blog address??)


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