Saturday, April 5, 2008

Library Lovin' & Lots O' Links

It's much easier to not buy new things when you can get an endless supply of free movies, TV shows, books, and cookbooks from the library.

I LOVE the public library! LOVE it. Libraries are hidden gems, totally underutilized (especially by 20 somethings).

Even when I was in college, I had a library card to the public library system (two, actually) in the city. My freshman year, I'd walk the two miles to the nearest public library. Because I'm pretty much addicted to the library. (You can judge me and/or call me a dork. That's okay with me.)

Happy Saturday. I'm off to go for a run on this gorgeous, sunny afternoon. (And then make some granola. Yum!)


  1. You are not a dork, or if you am so I am I.

    I LOVE it too! It is one of my favorite places.

  2. Yay! You've cheered up this library science student (in the throes of the first week of spring classes).

  3. Tipp: So glad I have company in my library lovin'!!

    Kate P: Getting your master's in library science?! That's awesome! Good luck with classes.

  4. I love my library as well. It feels like a shopping spree when I request a bunch of books and movies from the online catalogue, then go pick them all up! Our library has a really neat program on their webpage that allows you to calculate how much money you'd spend if you paid for all the services you use for free at the library. My estimate was over $900 a month. Wowser! It's awesome.

  5. ok. i'm sure you're like why is someone commenting on my april 2008 post but i had to click on your library tag b/c i feel the same way! i love libraries. well plus, i'm a librarian. haha. but glad other people love it as much b/c it totally is underutilized. ok. now onto 2009 :)


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