Monday, April 21, 2008

The One With the Interview

8:02 – Wake up, surprisingly bright eyed and bushy tailed.
8:05 – Do a little yoga in the hallway, and then go annoy little sister who’s in bed.
8:15 – Fix myself a lovely cup of coffee with caramel sauce. It’s pretty heavenly, you should try it.
8:33 – Cousins arrive at parents’ house – they are boys, 8 months and 16 months old.
8:40 – Arms get tired of holding 8 month old, find a big bag to sling over my shoulder and put him in. Ahhh…that’s much better.
8:45 – Happily checking blogs and getting directions with baby on lap. See, I could handle having child!
8:47 – Baby spits up all over me. No child in near future.
8:52 – Place baby in bouncy seat thingy, resume internet addiction.
9:42 – Landscape architect arrives at parents’ house, sits down at table with parents to begin consultation.
9:45 – Boys beginning crying, playing banging on musical instruments, and/or screaming. Promptly whisk them away to an upstairs bedroom and attempt to distract them with Veggie Tales.
9:48 – Not. Working. No interest in TV. (Seriously! Like, none.)
9:52 – 16 month old sees my parents outside and insists “Go owside!”
9:53 – For the next 20 minutes. I throw him at my little sister and go find my husband.
10:22 – Oh, should I start thinking about leaving? Ack! Shower! Hair!
10:49 – Oh em gee, these two shirts I bought look AWFUL. What was I thinking?! I don’t look professional.
10:55 – Hate self. Hate clothes. Will probably fail interview.
11:02 – Wait! Let’s raid little sister’s closet.
11:13 – Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. That’s what you get for trying to wear a 15-year-old’s clothing to an interview.
11:16 – Reach near hysterics over NOTHING. TO. WEAR. when husband suggests Target. Ahh, Target. The thought of Buy Nothing briefly crosses my mind. I then crush that thought in my anxiety.
11:29 – Frantically searching for professional shirts, then frantically trying them on, then frantically choosing one, then frantically checking out. Even the cashier remarked, “I can tell you’re in a hurry.”
11:45 – Leave Target.
11:50 – Begin practicing interview questions aloud, feel confident. I will dominate. I am the best.
12:07 – Arrive in neighborhood of interview, begin hyperventilating.
12:15 – Find building. Oh, it’s pretty. How nice.
12:16 – Decide to find Whole Foods so I can get something to eat, since we have 45 minute.
* spend 30 minutes getting incredibly lost, anxiously snapping at husband, and with a growling stomach*
12:48 – Arrive at building again, commence hyperventilating.
12:49 – Tell Mike I’m “not going in this early!” I want to be early, but not obnoxious, you know?
12:50 – Pray with Mike.
12:52 – Take a deep breath and walk up…
12:54 – Not nervous anymore. This guy is really nice.
2:02 – They had 70 applicants and interviewed 5. FIVE. I’m awesome.
2:05 – Really? That much money? Nice.
2:11 – Their top choice is a girl with a Masters and 2 years of experience. I’m screwed.
2:16 – Done! Yay! I rocked! Let’s go to Whole Foods and stuff our faces with a blueberry scone and Mediterranean pizza*. Kthx bye.

*Oh, and Ashley, please could you get us lost for OVER AN HOUR before we find the highway to go home.

I declared that if I get this job, I will be purchasing a GPS. Actually, I’m getting one no matter what. Just wait till April is over. That GPS is gonna save our marriage. Anyone have a GPS they can recommend?


  1. See, you had all that frenzy to dissipate your nervousness. (Ha.) Don't close the door on that job yet; more school = more salary. The "top choice" might have her own number in mind and it might not match theirs. You never know. In any event, it's good that you went. Five out of 70? Awesome. Will keep you in my prayers.

    As for a GPS, everybody I know has a Garmin Nuvi. I think that's how it's spelled.

  2. Sending you good vibes!!

    I use a Magellen GPS. It's a mid-grade price/model, but it's been quite useful! I love it.

  3. i loved the breakdown of your day... So funny...

    I have a in dash GPS built in my car and I LOVE it.. I don't think I'd ever buy another car without GPS it's the best!!


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