Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 08

So, it's Earth Day. (What you haven't noticed the "greening" of EVERYTHING KNOWN TO MANKIND!?) (Major League Baseball. Really?)

What does a wannabe-crunchy 20 something who already doesn't eat meat and some other crazy stuff do to make today a little more challenging?

Why, not use electricity, of course. (At home. I'm not gonna make everyone at work turn out the lights and off the computers. Geez.)

With no TV to watch, Internet to surf, or dinner to cook - I set out on a walk this morning. A balmy 58 degrees, among chirping birds, green grass , and flowering dogwoods. It was amazing. I spent 45 minutes just walking around. I had intended to go for a run, but it was so gorgeous I wanted to be able to take it all in. I wish I could convey just HOW FREAKING AMAZING IT WAS. The whole time, I was incredulous at how absolutely picturesque it all was.

When I got back, I wanted to take a shower. So I grabbed our camping lantern and threw it on a hook on the back of the door. Ta da! No showering in the dark. It was kind of fun, actually. My hair, though, is another story. I am running out of mousse and curl spray, which makes my wavy hair manageable. No straightening iron because it uses electricity. So a ponytail and hair wrap came to my rescue!

It's kind of crazy to think about how much electricity I use even in the morning - lights (LOTS of lights!), bathroom fan, TV, laptop, and whatever the heck else I keep plugged in for no reason. (Lamps, hair straightener, and Dust Buster, I'm looking at you.) Especially since the mornings are can be (it's Ohio, after all!) so full of sunshine and brightness. No need for artificial light on a day like today!

I think I'm gonna try and use lights less in the morning, what's the point?

PS: If you live in a really awesome city, chances are, your city is on Google Transit. Check it out! It gives you step-by-step public transportation directions without having to drive at all. Even if you hate the earth, don't you like saving money!?


  1. we celebrated Earth Day yesterday in my class... We are on a mission to use less water and elecrticity.. I love that children atthis age are so excited about keeping the Erath clean.. Thank god or we'd be in for it later on in life..

  2. Earth - sorry for the typo!!

  3. What a great idea! I love this. Even if you decided to do this once a month, think of the impact.

    I think I'd rediscover the joy of a walk through the neighborhood and reading to pass the time.

    Very nice. :)


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