Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Wednesday Worth 3,000 Words

Inspired by Dana's awesome Wordless Wednesday (Hi Dana! I hope you're not mad I'm stealing your idea!) I thought it'd be fun to take a look back -- so here I am 10 years ago, 5 years ago and today.

10 Years Ago
l-r: Kelly, Jenna, me

1998: I was in 7th grade in Bangkok, Thailand. There were my best friends, both from California. I actually just saw Jenna, the middle one, last April in Denver. (Yes, I look quite young here. That's kinda a motif in my LIFE.)

5 Years Ago
Holly and I (or is it "me"??)

2003: Freshman year of college (okay, in April, I was actually getting ready to graduate from high school, but I couldn't find a picture...). Getting a present ready for her older brother's 20th birthday. We hung out in her brother's apartment all.the.time. We were the coolest freshmen first-years ever. Or at least we thought so. (Again, how freakin' young do I look? Man!)

The fam.

Easter 2008 (First Easter with my family in 5 years!): We are virtually all the same size: short. My mom is actually standing on a chair, otherwise we'd be the same height, save for Dad and Mike. That's me in the middle (I promise I'm not that pale anymore. Geez.). My sisters are 15, 19, and 22. Brother is 13. Aren't my sisters be-a-utiful?! And, yes, I'm seriously the OLDEST. Iknowmyblondesisterlooksolder,shutup,Idon'twannatalkabout.


  1. Aww, its the GWTW family.

    Your Mom is my hero.

  2. YAY!! I'm glad I inspired you..

    I love your pics..

    Happy WW!!!

  3. Cool! I get to see the sisters you were talking about over at my blog. Don't sweat the "younger sister looking older" thing; you will understand in ten years. This past September, my younger sister and I were *both* carded at a casino. Age difference: 3-1/2 years!

  4. Aw, I love those photos.

    And I feel you on looking younger than a younger sister. My 21 year old sister has looked older than me (23) and my older sister (25) for the last few years. It's freaking ridiculous.

    However, we will retain our youth, no? :)


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