Monday, May 5, 2008

Conversations Both Awkward and Funny

This weekend was spent at the in-laws.


The Funny
We had a Tres de Mayo celebration, played with cute one-year-old twins, and explored his grandparents' house that is perpetually stuck in the 70's. (They've since moved into assisted living, so we went through and took whatever we wanted. I'll put the pictures up on Flickr later. Some pretty great finds. And some hilarious ones.)

That 70s House

That 70's House: Epitome of 70's decor, no?

Creepster Pets

Lil Cartoon Man

I...have no clue. But between these creepy pets, the little dog, and the British pillow man - this is a stylin' house.

The grandma
"Oh yeah, our friend Bill talks way too much. So I told him, 'Just shut up already!'"

The grandpa
"Styles never disappear, they just come back a little different. Italy becomes tally ho."
"Yeah, you can play solitare, but ya tired of swearing at yourself."

The Awkward
I get out of the shower and come downstairs. I sit on the couch next to mother-in-law as we skim through ads in the Sunday paper. (I proclaimed to Mike that we NEEDED to get a new cute ipod because YOU GET FREE BURTS BEES at Target! C'mon, MIKE! Thankfully, he pointed out we HAVE an ipod, albeit an old one. So stop whining, Ashley.)

Where was I? Oh, yes. So I'm sitting there and my MIL turns to me and asks,

"So, can I read your blog?"

I stare blankly at her. A million thoughts run through my head. I stammered out, "Wha-ha?"
Her: "How does a blog work? Is it like a website?"
Me: "Well, yes. I mean, I have a website we created for our wedding...but I...also...write..." trail off, hoping she'll lose interest
Her: "Oh. Well, like, how does someone read your blog?"
Me: "They just go on the computer." Then I start rambling about how LOTS of girls these days have a blog to vent, talk about relationships, themselves, and meet other people. "You know, lots of people use the Internet to make friends. It's quite normal these days." These days. Uhh-huh. You guys, I was rambling so badly.
Her: "So, how do I get to your blog?"
Me: "Well, I guess you just...kind of..."
Her: "Do you not want me to read it?"
Me: nervous laughter "Did Mike tell you about it?" turn to Mike, who is enjoying my awkwardness and GLARE.
Her: "Well, yes. I was looking at pictures on your camera and he said you took some of those pictures for your blog." More daggers at Mike. My camera?! How embarrassing! "Well, can't I just Google your name and find your blog?" laughing.
Me: "Nope! I don't put my last name on my blog! I'm the only Ashley C..... on Google, so I have to be careful about that. I don't want any stalkers."
The conversation ended there as I desperately steered it in the direction of Facebook and MySpace. I'm a gifted subject-changer. Not smooth and subtle, but forceful.

After church a few hours later, MIL turned to me in the car and asked, "So how do you get a blog?"

Oh, wow. And after my little brother discovered my blog (he's the Zallo comment on my last post. Something along the lines of "Mwahahaha I found you") I thought I was done with surprises.
Question: Do you guys share your blog with family and friends? Or is it private? I'm curious.
PS: Please go vote for my self portrait over at! (Number 21 - or the only one without eyes showing.) There are a TON of great entries, though, so check them out.


  1. When I first started blogging it was very private, and no one in my real life knew except my husband. But gradually people found out, and now everyone in my real life knows about my blog, including my in-laws(!). It's not a bad thing, but it has changed the way I blog; I'm more careful about the way I talk about certain topics now. (Especially girly stuff - my little brothers are reading! Ewwww.)

    I do think it's prudent to blog as if everyone you know will read it eventually, unless you're going truly anonymous with complete pseudonyms and everything. I think you're pretty safe in this area, though - your blog is very family friendly and light and open, nothing to worry about. :-D

  2. I haven't shared at all with my family!! (incase I need to rant, lol.. JK) But I have shared with my friends..

    I guess it really depends on your feelings and thoughts... And also, what you write.. Do you write about them? Cause if you do, I'd keep it private..

    I feel like my blog is my place to go - something for just me, ya know... Even though i tell my mom about it all the time - thank god she's not to computer savvy...

  3. Oh, pretty much everyone knows about my blog, even though I don't use my real name on there. (So, connecting my blog and my name is not google-able.) But, I figured that since the Cardinal Rule of the Internet is "assume everyone will read your blog, especially the people you want to read your blog," it was just better to tell them.

    I'm a little guarded in what I say, but I'm honestly convinced that they'd find a way to read it it's best to play it safe.

    I'm saving myself a lot of grief. :)

    Honestly, if *anyone* else knows about your blog, it's safe to assume that *everyone* will know about your blog sooner or later. ;)

    I have recently found out that my mom has been handing out my blog address to all of her friends. So, at this point, I have no idea who reads it, but I have to assume everyone will at some point. ;)

    Good luck keeping it a secret, if that's what you choose to do!

  4. I meant, "assume everyone will read your blog, especially the people you DON'T want to read your blog." ;)

  5. I hope my family and my current job don't ever find mine. (I don't blog from work, but I do comment on others' provided I don't have to sign into my blogger account.) I like having a place to blow off steam with kindred spirits and talk about the things they don't--or refuse to--understand about me.

  6. And by "they" I mean family and work people. . . duh, me. I just took a quiz so I'm a little fried.

  7. Oh God!

    I would love to talk about my MIL on my blog, but I am pretty sure she is reading it, she says she isn't but I think she is lying!

    how awkward!

  8. My sister and boyfriend are the only people in real life who read my blog. My parents and brother know I have one but don't read it.

    I think it is only a matter of time though before people find me!

  9. Most of my friends know about my blog and read it religiously, and I think that's really cool. The parents or the in-laws don't, though... and I'm okay with that.

  10. Private!! My and my husband's eyes only;) I'm really self-conscious about my writing and I'm a little too embarrassed to have family or friends read it. If someone stumbles across it, I'll claim it, but otherwise, no way!

  11. Arwen: I guess you're right - I don't really swear much in real life, so I don't much on my blog. I guess I'm more square than I'd like to admit. :) (Or "family friendly" if we want to use a euphemism!)

    Dana: I guess that's my concern - ranting. But I can do that with my husband. And I could never do that ABOUT my husband on a blog. But I do feel like my blog is my own little corner of the world, I don't want to have to worry about being embarrassed about what I may write.

    Casual Perfectionist: That's some really great advice...It makes me think. Thanks. :)

    Kate P: SAME!! Haha, well mostly my job. But I'm leaving here this I'm not super worried...(famous last words?!)

    Tipp: I know, right!? Awkward epitomized. I would also like to do that...and it would scare me to not know!!

    Jamie: I guess that's why Casual Perfectionist's words of wisdom are good to keep in's only a matter of time, yikes!

    Renee: First, that's awesome that you call them your in-laws. :) Cute! I think I'd be willing to share it with my friends, but I'm afraid they'll a) think I'm weird and b) totally not get this environmental stuff...

    Ashlee: I'm a little self-conscious about my writing but I love it so much I won't stop!

  12. My Parents and even my grandmother read my blog, but at least I know, so I can filter it. And I know my inlaws read it in the past, but I'm not sure if they still do. Still, I'm not much of a venter online - more because of potential employers rather than family members. Even without using my last name, if you google my full name, it's the first link. I think others have linked to me by my full name and that's why.


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