Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Three: Self Portrait Edition

Inspired by Wishcake, I decided to try my hand at entering the Exposaroonie Challenge this week: Self Portrait.

I took several pictures on different days, but I chose this one because it really is a portrait of me:

* Malaysian flag in the background - exposing my international roots.
* wedding ring - recycled gold and conflict free, of course.
* "Peace is the way" t-shirt - idealistic to core, I am.I really think this picture represents me. (Except that I'm not smiling and I'm pretty much always smiling. My gigantic smile that overtakes my face and crinkles my eyes is my trademark. :) ) Although my thighs...not so cute.

Check out my Flickr photos link in my side to see my other attempts at capturing myself.

How's about a few Thursday Threes?

Would Never Do Again:

  • Skydive - it's so expensive and I'm getting too old for that sort of excitement. :)
  • Live 24 hours by plane from my family. Unless I'm the one living in a tropical country, then we can talk.
  • Be in a long distance relationship - oh, the stress.

On My To Do List

  • Finally change my name - I'm taking my husband's last name, which actually makes me a little sad, but it's so much more unique than my own...which is great. I'll be the only one on Google. (And Facebook.)
  • Design invites for my end-of-the-year presentation. I love designing things like this!
  • Pack to go to Mike's parents for the weekend...I.E.: Throw our hamper in the car to kill two birds with one stone - free laundry and avoiding nakedness.

Could Do Without

  • That little circle of hair that always gets stuck on the drain. And why am I always the one to extract it?
  • Zits. Why exactly do they exist again?
  • Red lights. I'm pretty sure they have a conspiracy to prevent me from getting anywhere on time. (Okay, maybe it's my own penchant for perpetually running late. Whatever. I like to blame others.)

Enjoy your Thursday and watch The Office tonight if you know what's good for you. (And do NOT watch Grey's Anatomy for the same reason.)


  1. i hate the hair in the drain.. YUCK!!

  2. I really liked this week's Office, I thought it got back to normal office-ness. Grey's was surprisingly not annoying/stupid as all get out. I'm still not convinced it's back.

  3. I really love your submission! Great message:)

  4. In response to your what the hell?! wednesday suggestion...I hate stupid people, co workers especially. I am for sure going to dedicate next Wednesday to all horrible co workers..It'll be a blog carnival of sorts through my own blog. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. umm... I watched Grey's .. heh. I can't help it.

    love the challenge submission!

  6. muahaha!! I FOUND IT!!

  7. Hey! You won my Pay It Forward contest!! Send me your address so I can send you your prize!
    thereneeborhood (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  8. Oh the Office, I love stumbling across blogs that love it like I do. I'm so glad that this weeks one was good. I was pretty disappointed with the last two episodes. As for Grey's- I had banned that show from life since watching it made me want to scream and hurt Meredith, but I caught it on Thursday (because I use the word 'ban' very liberally) and actually enjoyed it.

    I know. I was shocked. More shocked than that time I found a pair of seven jeans on sale for $17 and better yet- they fit perfectly.

  9. i love this post! its a great way to take a look at yourself.

    also, considering that you are a UD grad AND are moving to cleveland we must become friends : )


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