Sunday, May 25, 2008

Holiday Weekends and Stimulus Checks

This long holiday weekend, we had planned on going to Mike's twin niece and nephew's first birthday party and to my sister's college graduation party. With gas at four dollars a gallon, we opted out of driving over 500 miles round trip and stayed here instead. Good for gas, good for the environment, and good for us supporting local businesses!

Yesterday, we took a day trip to Yellow Springs - the most fantastic place I've been in Ohio. It's slightly okay, really, "hippie" - with TONS of local stores and restaurants. It's a small little town, home of the recently closed Antioch College and Dave Chapelle. But it's tons of fun and full of energy.

We blew through some of our stimulus check at the local shops in town (what we didn't, we made up for later in the day at Gabriel Brothers, Target, Delia's, and Sephora...we I splurged, okay?).

It was so much fun. SO much. I really needed a perfect day like yesterday.

On the road - I like the passenger's side.

The sign to the Asian Goods Market -- I love it, but am curious why it's "Welcome IN"?

Yellow Springs!
We're here!

New Earrings
Like my new earrings? Product of the fair trade store. Sweeet.
knit up
All of their street sign posts are covered with knit cozies. The telephone poles even had knit peace signs on them.


This made me laugh. Dirty Pop now considered...rap!?

Chocolate! back
Tiniest chocolate bar EVER. (Dark chocolate, too!)

Greatest pizza known to humankind. For real.

living green
A store devoted to green living. Great stuff here - I got my godson an environmentally-harvested wood toy for his birthday, my kids at work organic, fruit-sweetened, chemical free lollipops, and some great buttons! It a great, new store.

There are more pictures on my Flickr page.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed visiting Yellow Springs. Our little art group did the textile totems, you can see info and a slide show about them on our non commercial website

    For upcoming events, like street fair (loads of fun) in June check out the Chamber of Commerce website.

  2. I haven't heard the name Gabriel Brothers in forever! What a fun day. ITA those earrings are awesome.

    Still waiting on my check--you're giving me more ideas. . .

  3. Yellow Springs looks like soo much fun.. I want to go.. And that Living Green store - I'd love to buy those lollipops for my class!! I'll have to look online for those!

  4. wow! what a completely great-sounding weekend you had!

    and i love those street signs with the cozies on them. super cute! (just like the kiddos at your workplace :) )

  5. i am so jealous! back in my UD days we would go to yellow springs all the time. we would get stoned, hike around and then eat ha ha pizza.

    we even had a little stoner jingle we made up for ha ha pizza.

    this post just really made me smile!

  6. That sounds like a great time. I love the photos, especially the street sign cozies. How cute is that?? What kind of camera do you use?


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