Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MORE Visual Updates?!

We spent Memorial Day eating Chipotle at a park, playing catch, having Indian food for dinner, and watching the entirely-too-gory* No Country For Old Men. Because...why barbecue for Memorial Day when you can eat Mexican and Indian!?

So, I thought I'd try my hand at this uploading video thing...

Lunch was had right next to this historical park - like 3 feet from the fence. But it costs $8 per person to get in, so you know we're too cheap (and poor!) for that. So watch Mike's extreme rebellion:

A la The Office style filming. :) (Or so I'd like to think.)

Our friend makes a funny joke about the 60 year old waitress in the restaurant, where he got a refill of root beer:

(can you hear it over the din of my EXTREMELY LOUD LAUGHTER!?)

Mike and Our Friend talk about the umbrella in their way.

I know, that was a cliffhanger, folks. (Again, I apologize for my LOUDNESS.) (And no offense meant about the border. It was a joke, see video #1.)

You know, some people post videos of their adorable children. Not me. Nope, I post videos my loud laughter, boring stories, and my adorable husband.

* I hate, hate HATE gory movies. You'd have to pay me hundreds of dollars to watch Saw 1, 2, or 3 with my eyes open. HATE. I was knitting to keep my mind and eyes off the TV. Just way. too. scary.


  1. I can't stand gory movies either!!

    My friend told me one thing about that movie and I was a no show on that one!

    Good job on the vids! Keep em coming!

  2. I really really liked No Country, but I too thought it was extremly bloody!!

  3. I hate gory movies too. The last scary movie I saw was Cloverfield and I had my eyes covered for most of it. Fortunately we saw it during the day.

  4. That sounds like an excellent Memorial Day to be honest. All you had to say was "Chipotle" and I was hooked.

    And I agree with you (kinda). I didn't think No Country for Old Men was too GORY, but too CREEPY, yes.


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