Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paper Towels are for WIMPS

Wanna know something quirky about me?

I make a point not to use paper towels in public (or work) restrooms.*

I just shake my hands little and wipe them on my pants. Why not? They're clean. I also enforce an "Only One!" rule with my kids at work when they're using paper towels. That goes for napkins at dinner, too.

Otherwise, I point and them and ridicule them, "Do you hate trees or something??".

Okay, only joking. or not.

If you pay attention to how much paper you waste - you make a baby step. That's what I tell my kids, anyway.

Side notes
1: I'm curious: responding to comments on your blog - how do you do it?? Do you ignore them? Do you email them? Do you reply back underneath their comments? Each individual comment? Help! I rarely go back and visit blogs to see if the author responded, but I've done it a couple of times myself. I have a lot of questions - do you have answers!?

2: I think I heard a ghost in the elementary school girls' bathroom today. It was creepy. I know I'm supposed to be an adult and be all, "That was NOTHING, guys. No big deal. Do do do do." But when you hear a door close and you ask if any one's in there and you hear a small "Yes" but don't see anyone, you have reason to be scared. Right!?

*In particularly nasty restrooms, I totally use a paper towel just so I don't have to touch the door. *Shudder*


  1. I don't know what the proper 'netiquette is regarding comments. Usually I make a blanket response, or sometimes I email the person directly, or sometimes I say, "Ohhh, so-n-so commented! How cool!" and then get too busy to respond.

    I read every comment and it warms my heart. As for how to deal with responding to them, I have no idea.

  2. i'm always yelling at my kids to use less paper towels, tissues, and wipes... My class is all about "going green" We love to recycle!

  3. I always read comments. I've been trying to respond to them via email lately. If not, I do it in my comments section. Sometimes I get caught up and don't get a chance to respond. I try though!

  4. The paper towel thing is controversial in my current field (malls); the company that is part-owner of my office tried to implement blowers in all their malls and it was an abject failure. (If I had to guess it was b/c people still went for paper and grabbed TP.) Plus, I'm sorry, but where I work people splash water all over the entire sink area. You have to clean it up with something.

    (1) Well, if you *do* check back at my blog, you'll see I do a reply comment addressing each comment there. I think I picked that up from Nina at the Reader blog. It's a little annoying b/c I get my own replies in my in-box, but it's an in-box for a proxy e-mail, so I don't want to reply to people from an e-mail they don't know. But I know other bloggers who just do a quick paragraph on their next post, addressing the comments from the prior post, before moving on. And sometimes I get e-mails from Maggie. :) As you can see, it varies widely.

    (2) You heard a "yes"? Yikes. Get out the holy water.

  5. i do a little of both with my comments. sometimes i email responses or a leave a comment on their blog. other times i leave myself a comment responding.

    either or its your preference i don't think there is a blogger rule book : )

  6. I usually will e-mail back individual people if they have questions on my blog, unless I will be answering them in an upcoming post. Depends. Plus it helps me get to know people better one-on-one. I read and respond to people who comment on my blog, only fair.

  7. I usually comment right after their comment on my blog. I have yet to email anyone, although I suppose I would if I thought it called for it. Whether these people ever check back and see if I have replied, I don't know. I'm pretty new to blogging so would worry about spamming their inbox or something. But then I am a worrier in general.


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