Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thurday Three: On the road edition.

It's Thursday and I'm not in the office. Whee! In fact, I'm sitting in my parents' family room - my little brother and sister have already left for school (so! early!) and my college freshman sister is asleep upstairs. Oh yeah, and my parents? Are in freaking Brussels.

A big house is fun when you're used to living in a space the size of this kitchen. And free laundry? Fully stocked kitchen? Money left by parents for sibling dinner? Yes, please! I'm going to get back to lounging for a few hours...Peace out.

Things I'm Looking Forward To

Searches That Made Me Laugh

  • little whiner ashley - Oh, I love it when they search for me by name. You love me, you really do!
  • cheerleader sororities - Did you mean to click "images"? Because I sure as hell am NOT in a sorority. Nor am I a cheerleader (although I did make the squad in 5th grade before moving to Thailand. Goooo team!)
  • can u get zits from being a vegan? - First of all, how credible are the website that would use "u" instead of "you"?
Kids That Made Me Laugh
  • With 4th and 5th graders....
Kid 1: I bet you used to be reallly skinny when you were little, huh? Like a toothpick.
Well, yeah, and then I grew up and....I...
Kid 2:
Got fat?
Me: No! I'm not fat! I was gonna say I got a booty. :)
Kid 2: Oh yeah, you matured. (drawing boobs in the air around his chest.)
  • Talking about why sleep is important and how we grow in our sleep. I tell them a story about how when I was little, I was told that if you sleep curled up you won't grow.
Kid 1: Is that why you're so short?
Me: Nooo, it's not true. Why do you think I'm short?
Kid 2: You have a hole in your heart? You didn't drink milk? You drank coffee?
Me: Dude! I'm 5'1"! Not a freaking midget little person! My mom is just small! (Okay, really, I just taught them about genes and heredity. I'm not mean to them... most of the time. :))
  • On the playground, the kids were going down the fireman pole (that's what I call it, at least) and pretending to be STRIPPERS. You are 10 years old, NOT A STRIPPER. Do not ASPIRE TO BE A STRIPPER. Why do you EVEN KNOW what a stripper DOES!? They were dead on imitations. Okay, I guess this was more disturbing than funny. :)


  1. OMG that is too funny..

    One of the little girls in my class said she wanted to be a dancer too.. And I don't mean a ballerina.. She imitated a Stripper very well also.. LOL

  2. I remember reading an art book talking about the progression of people's drawing skills--and what they draw at different points in life. It said that fifth grade was pretty much the "low point of taste." Yup. There's your evidence right there. LOL!

  3. Pay it Forward goodies were mailed out Wednesday!!

  4. That is hilarious. I'm at my parents house too and brought 3 weeks worth of laundry to do so I'm not up late on Sunday. ITA on the whole change from small apartment to big house. I can't imagine having that much space.

  5. stop by i gave u something

  6. "Do you have a hole in your heart?" Mua-ha! For some reason, that one make me burst out laughing...heehee...

    And I can't believe kids would imitate strippers. Well, I guess I CAN believe it, and that's what bothers me. I'm pretty sure I didn't even know what a stripper was until I was, like, thirteen.

  7. Dana: I know, right!? Insane, these kids.
    Kate P: That would explain a lot...
    Renee: YAY! I GOT IT!!
    bayjb: Free laundry = the best.
    wishcake: I also cracked up when he said that. SO FUNNY.


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