Monday, May 19, 2008

Why I'm a Bad Person

* I laughed aloud at a women running in a SKIRT, hair down (and styled), fully makeup-ed, and donning huge, flashy jewelry. I mocked her, from the safety of my car.

* I signed S-U-S-H-I to Mike during Mass last night. (And didn't get s-u-s-h-i, unfortunately. I'm aiming for Thai tonight!)

* Also compared a family at church to the little, green, worm like creatures from The Little Mermaid. (You know, when Ursula turns King Triton into a big-eyed little worm? I have searched fruitlessly for pictures of those creatures. C'mon, Google! Understand what I mean!)

* Am counting down the days till I move.

* Seriously considering taking a graphic design course at the community college this summer. You know, just because I'm NEVER GOING TO BE SURE what I'm doing with my life. Might as well confuse myself a little further, right?

* I haven't talked to my sister who just graduated college in several weeks. Like, since Easter, I think.

* Always looking for what's next to make me happy. "I'll be happy when..." is a thought all too common in my little brain.

* I have to teach the 5th graders today in 30 minutes. And have not looked at my lesson plan yet. Oops, see ya!


  1. I looked on Photobucket for you for the wormy beings, but alas, no luck. So sorry, but I totally know what you are talkin about!

  2. I totally know what you're talking about with those googly seaweed creatures! Those things used to freak the dickens out of me! (Did I just say dickens?) But now I'm laughing because I seriously can't imagine a human looking that...well, googly. Heehee.

    Do it. Do the graphic design course. Because, really? You'll only be gaining knowledge - there's nothing to lose!

    I feel you on not talking to the siblings often enough - one of my younger sisters just moved into a new apartment (a few weeks ago) and I have yet to get on the phone and ask her how it is!

    "I'll be happy when..." is basically one of my most used catch phrases. Hence the reason I'm trying my hardest to be more of an "I'm happy because..." person! We all have our days, though. Believe you me. :)

  3. HI!!! I've missed you and your blog.. I'm glad to be home and blogging...

    PS_ i would have laughed at that woman too!

  4. Oh honey you're not a bad person. Trust me it could be so much worse. But now that you have sinned, you are forgiven.

  5. now that daughters of triton song is in my head!!! haha

    and the signing of sushi during mass?!?! classic.

  6. LoL, I know what you mean about the worm-type creatures in The Little Mermaid too. You're not a bad person! haha you should totally take the graphic design course - why not? It could be really fun and you'll learn something new! Sounds like fun to me :)

  7. I would have laughed at the runner too. I secretly hope to see people dressed ridiculously so I can laugh at them. I mentally compared my list of why I'm a bad person to yours, and don't worry I beat you.

    Thanks for the congratulations & you're right, I love Arrested Development!


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