Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Tend to Over-Parenthasize

This weekend? Has been utterly uneventful despite it being absolutely gorgeous outside.

My husband is sick and we all know what that means. (Yes, the dreaded MAN COLD!) (Mike, if you're reading this: I love you and I want to bring you tea and baby you. I do, let's throw a pity party. I love you!)

So I went on a long walk by myself, hoping to find a good picture for this week's Exposaroonie Challenge.

I find myself desperately wishing I had a nicer camera. We got our measly $600 stimulus check (How come some people get $1,200!?), but I'm pretty sure we're just going to save it. Maybe some day I'll get myself a nice, fancy camera. (That I WILL NOT break. Promise.) How much do nice cameras cost, anyway?

While I was on my walk, I couldn't resist shooting myself hugging a tree. Because, you know, I'm dorky like that. (Mike and I actually have some adorable "tree hugger" wedding pictures. We're kissing around a tree. Is it wrong to call your own wedding pictures adorable? I'm such a narcissist, aren't I?) Speaking of narcissist, ignore my GIANT HAND. It looks like it's going to crush the tree, doesn't it?

ALSO! Over a week ago, Dana gave me this award:

I'm super excited, because I think it's an adorable and hilarious award. So, thanks, Dana. I less than three your blog, too! Now to pass on the award... All of you deserve this award, but let's just choose three:

Tipp - I don't know how you find the time to comment and read so many blogs, but you are one of the sweetest girls I've met on the internet. (Um, how creepy is that sentence!?) Plus, your blog is fun, insightful, and honest. Mad props. (I don't think I can pull that phrase off, but I've always wanted to be able to.)

Callina - Your blog is small, but it's full of fantastic information. I loved when you tried to go for a week without eating corn. Creative! (Plus, your name is pretty.)

Renee -
DUDE, you just GRADUATED! FROM COLLEGE! Whee, now you can join the ranks of "college degree, what next?" Welcome. (Oh yeah, plus your blog is fun. And you mailed me a Pay it Forward package - of course I love less-than-three you now!)


  1. Aww Ash!!

    I love you too, and no you are not creepy!!!!!!

    AND OMG I just told Hubbs the other day that I wanted a new camera for my birthday with our check. I am really wanting to get into photography as more of a Hobby. I am fascinated by people and the art they can make with a camera and I want to see if I can do it.

    I swear it is like we are joined at the hip or something!

    Thanks for the AWARDDDD!!

  2. You only got $600 for your household? If you filed as a married couple, you should get $1,200 for you both. Odd. Yeah I just spent part of my stimulus check too. Love the nice little present :)

  3. Congrats on the award! :) That picture is adorable :D

  4. Thank you for the award and the congrats!!!! And, for the record, it's totally NOT narcissitic to call your own wedding photos adorable. Wedding photos are SUPPOSED to be adorable, and I'm certain yours are!

    I less-than-three you too!

  5. Hurrah for those extra checks this year. :) You know, I think you should definitely be getting two if you filed as married. Word on the street is that's how it goes. But I don't know, because I haven't get got ours (and am becoming increasingly worried about it, like I want to find a phone number for the stimulus check people, you have no idea).

    I LOVE that photo of you! So freaking cute!

    Hope your hubs feels better soon. :)

  6. Here is information regarding the stimulus checks. The only reason why I would think you didn't get the 1200 is if you are married filing separately, or if one of your parents is still claiming you guys as a dependent since you got married in August of last year? Not sure, but something you should look into. Everyone could use an extra $600. If they did claim you they really shouldn't have.


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