Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Such A Liar.

With all the hubbub this weekend, I all but forgot about my Pay It Forward contest.

So…for the big reveal (Oh, I so wish I could accompany these with pictures!):

1. Elephant ride in a Thai jungle. Check. (Taken on the same vacation we stayed in a Flo-tel. Yes, an electricity-free, floating hotel. It was fantastic - we slept outside on hammocks. Really, it was great.)

2. Skydiving over Hawaiian island. Check. Why wasn't I nervous? {This seemed to be the clincher for most of you - you couldn't FATHOM not being insanely nervous.} It happened SO FAST. One day beforehand, my roommate and I spontaneously decided to sign up online to go skydiving. Before that, I had never ONCE thought, "Oh, I'd love to go skydiving some day!" Within 24 hours, I was being shuttled in a van up to the North Shore of Oahu, signing a stack of papers - that all had "YOU MAY GET INJURED AND/OR DIE" printed in huge block letters across the bottom. Always nice, right?

We got to the site, watched a 10 minute safety video, and were quickly whisked away to be the first skydivers out of our group. I had hardly two seconds to think about what I was doing. We quickly suited up, literally ran and jumped into the back of a pickup truck, and were on the plane within 20 minutes of arriving at the site.

It started to rain on the landing field, so we circled around in the air - this was the first time I realized what I was doing. As we circled in the sky a couple thousand feet in the air, sitting on a bench in an airplane, tightly tied to a stranger (okay, my instructor. But still.)When the door slid open for the first jumpers, I grabbed my roommate: "What the HELL? We're jumping out of an AIRPLANE?! This is INSANE!" That was the entirety of my second thoughts.

My instructor even asked me if I'd want to do a back flip out the airplane - because I looked like I could handle it. So, there you have it. I flipped, fell through the air at an alarming rate, and took in the gorgeous sight - mountains, fields, and beaches. :)

3. Goodyear blimp. Never happened. True story – my dad DOES work for the company, but no blimp riding on my behalf ever occurred. :)

That means out of 14 of you - only TWO got it right.

Sooooo Tipp and Faith, email me your addresses to ashleymarie6 {at} gmail and I'll get your packages in the mail shortly! Congrats!

{Ring update: THERE IS NONE!! Y'all are MUCH more positive than I could ever be about this. I'm perusing Craigslist and praying the people listen to their consciences. Maybe looking at pawn shops? We'll see. I filed a report, rented a metal detector, and and throwing my hands up. Boo. Let's not talk about insurance, mmm kay? :) }



    So sorry about the ring darling. I am seriously saying many prayers on your behalf.

    Seriously a lot.

  2. Ugh bummer about the ring..I am saying many prayers for you as well!!

  3. Tipp: Yay!! I'm sooo excited as well. :) Thank you so much for the prayers. It's amazing that "strangers" are with me in spirit. :)

    Tara: Aww, thanks! How sweet.

  4. Those were great stories! Haha. I cannot believe you jumped out of a plane!

    I'm sorry about the ring. :/ I hope it turns up somewhere when you least expect it. Really.

  5. woohooo! i'm so excited. my first win ever. what was my life like before blogging? oh, that's right, PRODUCTIVE. Thanks a bunch and i'm terribly sorry about your ring. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. hopefully, someone does the right thing :)

  6. Hey! I just wanted to say thank your stopping into my blog & leaving such a nice comment on it. :] I've actually read your blog several times & I really enjoyed it. Mainly because (as you said) we're both newlywed & vegetarian. :] I will most certainly keep coming back to yours!

  7. You're crazy! lol! I thought for sure I was right. Congrats you winners!

  8. EP: Haha. Yes, once was enough. Mike was definitely more worried than I was, though!

    Faith: Yay!! I know, me too! The internet is totally a time vacuum, right?

    Apriot.: I just added you to my reader. So look out for more comments. :)

    Steph Corwin: I *was* crazy. I won't be jumping out of any airplanes anytime soon!

  9. Darn! I was wrong! I never win these things! =)

  10. Bummer. Next time! I had a feeling on the Goodyear one but that was a good fake out.

  11. Wait, you said you weren't "even scared" with the jumping, but that sounded like a moment of panic there. Oh, don't mind me--I've been working for lawyers too long. ;)

    Congrats to the good guessers! Where in the World Is Ashley's Engagement Ring? Still praying that St. Anthony puts it in a funny place for you to find it.

  12. Auburn Kat: :( Sorry - maybe try on Faith or Tipp's contest!!

    Bayjb: Shoulda gone with your gut. :)

    Kate P: Oh, man. You got me - I was nervous for .2 seconds. Yes, the REAL contest is if anyone can find my engagement ring!! :)

  13. I'm still thinking about you and hoping the ring turns up soon. Please, please. Fingers crossed.


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