Monday, June 9, 2008

One. Hundred.

This is the ONE HUNDREDTH POST. You know what that means, right??

You get to read 100 things all about ME!

I know, I know - try to contain your excitement.
  1. I'm twenty three twenty-five.
  2. I greatly enjoy getting older, because it makes me feel like I'll be more credible.
  3. Maybe part of that is because I look waaay younger than I am.
  4. Probably because I'm 5' 1" and size extra-small.
  5. I prefer chocolate to any other candy.
  6. 70% dark chocolate to be exact.
  7. But if I do eat other candy..buttered popcorn is my favorite jelly belly
  8. I love when people call me Ash - it makes me feel like we're friends.
  9. When I as little, I was teased by being called “ash tray”.
  10. My kids at work love that story.
  11. I didn’t know my dad had a twin until I was in 4th grade.
  12. I chose my confirmation name because I wanted to be like Elizabeth Wakefield in Sweet Valley Twins.
  13. I always felt that my personality was more defined when I had distinct likes and dislikes.
  14. I've spent the night in an airport (baggage claim) and in a hut in a village in the Philippines.
  15. I’ve been told many times that I look like Piper from the TV show “Charmed".
  16. I've also been told I look like Punky Brewster and/or the girl who punched Joey on Friends.
  17. I crashed a go kart and twisted my lateral meniscus in my knee when I was 18.
  18. My first ever CD was the Spice Girls’ single “Stop”.
  19. Besides the Spice Girls, I was also obsessed with listened to No Doubt, Hanson, and Nsync.
  20. I am the oldest of 25 grandchildren on my mom’s side - that's a whole lotta babies, if anyone's counting.
  21. I am the oldest of five kids - four girls and one boy.
  22. I met my husband when I was in college and he was a grad student/campus minister.
  23. Our relationship was "forbidden" so we snuck around for a year. Then dated discreetly.
  24. I’ve been to 17 airports outside of the States.
  25. My favorite movie as a child was The Neverending Story.
  26. I have never gone to the same school for more than 3 consecutive years.
  27. Even college - because I spent a semester in Hawaii.
  28. The best decision EVER, even if cost me some friendships that faded while I was gone.
  29. I got my belly button pierced without my parents knowing…they still don’t know.
  30. I was always the shortest one in my class in elementary school.
  31. I ran track for one year and hated it with a passion - but I like to run now.
  32. I am pro-adoption.
  33. I am a bargain shopper.
  34. And I will tell you how much everything I'm wearing cost if you compliment my outfit.
  35. I lose everything, including 5 school IDs, 2 drivers licenses, and several credit card. [ETA 8/08: two digital cameras and my engagement ring.]
  36. Zac was my favorite member of Hanson.
  37. So I was understandably *heartbroken* when I saw this. Never mind I am happily married.
  38. I am a family person. Big time.
  39. My dad has 13 siblings and my mom has 7. That doesn’t include spouses.
  40. I was named after a man.
  41. A man from Gone With The Wind.
  42. But I've never read the book or watched the whole movie.
  43. I know more than is reasonable about the actors and writers, though.
  44. I like change…change of pace, change of location, change of major, change of hairstyle.
  45. I don’t like changing friends.
  46. I am fascinated by serial killers. And a little ashamed of it.
  47. I love roller coasters. (Cedar Point is, hands down, the best amusement park ON THE PLANET. Do not argue.)
  48. I was prom queen.
  49. I don’t really care about #48.
  50. I also lost my tiara that same night - I left in a taxi. (see: #35)
  51. I am horribly passive and go to extremes to avoid confrontation.
  52. I really want to improve my assertiveness - but still be my friendly self.
  53. I got engaged on Christmas Day 2006.
  54. We were engaged for 8.5 months and I wouldn't have wanted to wait any longer.
  55. I was a very low-key bride.
  56. My first real job was working at a YMCA day camp the summer after my first year of college.
  57. I found out my boss thought poorly of me the next year.
  58. That was a blow to my ego and confidence.
  59. Thankfully, my supervisor of the last two years supports me and has fostered my growth SO MUCH.
  60. I wish I could go to culinary school.
  61. And get a graphic design degree.
  62. And become a school counselor or school psychologist.
  63. And, on some days, I want to be a school librarian.
  64. Obviously, I have not exactly narrowed down my career choice
  65. I loved living overseas. LOVED.
  66. I would not be the same person without meeting and studying with people from all around the world.
  67. Seriously - my best friends overseas were from Sweden, Finland, Malaysia - as well as California, Delaware, and Georgia.
  68. As such, dealing with diversity comes quite naturally to me.
  69. And if you say *anything* derogatory about another kind of person, I will call you out.
  70. Insulting someone with "gay" or "retard" will put you on my Bad List. I'm scary, huh? Not really, see #51.
  71. I really want to travel more.
  72. I try not to think about it, because it makes me feel guilty that I'm not traveling now.
  73. And I'm afraid they'll be unfulfilled dreams that will disappoint me.
  74. That says something, doesn't it? I need to dream and not be levelheaded all the time.
  75. This is kind of like therapy.
  76. I am in love with veggie corn dogs. Try them, you'll be a believer.
  77. I cannot live without coffee.
  78. Caramel lattes are my favorite, but only as a treat.
  79. But, I always put sugar AND milk in my coffee. I don't know if I'll ever be able to drink it black.
  80. I have quite the sweet tooth.
  81. Peanut butter is one of my favorite flavors.
  82. I am Christian.
  83. Roman Catholic, specifically.
  84. I went to a Catholic preschool and college - public and/or international for the rest.
  85. I'm in an interesting place with my faith right now.
  86. It's definitely a big part of who I am.
  87. But it's difficult to articulate, and difficult to figure out how my spirituality can grow as I grow as a person.
  88. I know the two shouldn't be separated. But they have been.
  89. Why am I confessing this to the Internet?
  90. I'm so not a pet person.
  91. Stone me now.
  92. I don't know what it is - the hair? the smell? the cost? the work? the vomit? But I'm just not interested.
  93. I'm sure we'll still get a dog the minute we can, though, because I'm married to a man who still mourns the loss of his dog from 15 years ago. So I guess you could say he's a Pet Person with capital P's.
  94. I can't wait to have a baby.
  95. I hope to have several - adopted, foster, and biological.
  96. But I simultaneously can't ever believe we'll be financially ready.
  97. Or if I'll ever be ready to be sleep deprived.
  98. I wonder if I'll stay at home if we have kids.
  99. Or if I'd go crazy doing that. Maybe a little of both?
  100. I hate when I get sweaty behind my knees.
I rarely read people's whole 100 things - so if you have, good on ya. :)


  1. i just read your whole list, i feel like a know you : )

    oh and congrats on the 100th post!

  2. I loved Piper! She was my favorite Charmed sister! I miss Charmed, I wish they kept going.
    This is a really cool list! So many things about you that now I think I know you a little better.

  3. I read it all too! Yay for veggie corn dogs! and buttered popcorn jelly bellies! haha.

    I totally love that people think you look like the girl that punches Joey. How funny.

    My 100th is coming up soon I think.. I love this, I too feel like I know you better!

  4. I LOVE reading peoples' 100 Things lists-- it may be because I just love lists, but I also like that it's a compilation of little tidbits about the author. I feel like I've got the inside info now!

  5. Yay! I made it all the way through! And congratulations on your hundredth post! I love you a little bit more now that I know you were named after Ashley Wilkes ;)

  6. I read your eniter list!!! YAY!! congrats on your
    100th post.. Mine's tomorrow - stop by and check it out! I love veggie corn dogs too and wish I could go to culinary school...And I love bargain shopping... I knew I liked you sooo much - we are alot alike...

  7. Oh, no way, I'm on the verge of my 100th post, also! Yay for you. I'm undecided as to what I want to do for it.

    I have to ask my sister (very knowledgeable about Friends) about the girl who punched Joey.

  8. Fun! I definitely feel like I know you now! And I agree -- Cedar Point is, hands down, the best amusement park ever! I guess y'all will be pretty close in your new place, huh?

  9. I can't live without coffee either!

  10. i read them all :) i'm a bargain shopper, too! and i do the same thing telling everyone how much my outfit costs.

    congrats on the 100th post! and all the best with the baby :)) you ARE going to have to have one soon, won't you? ;)

  11. 100 posts! Congrats! You and your husband seem so happy. You're perfect.

  12. Congrats on your 100th post!!

    Buttered popcorn jelly bellys are my favorite too, I've never met anyone else who liked them! I also have always thought that you looked like the girl who hit Joey on Friends. Veggie corn dogs are one of my favorite foods of all time, I eat them with mayo.

  13. Congrats on the 100th post! Good for you being cool about getting older. I still seize up with terror.

  14. nice post! i can't remember how i found your blog but i have it bookmarked now. your 20's will go by soooooo quick, ENJOY them :-) i just turned 30 and my husband and i have a six month old baby, we also felt we'd never be financially ready but somehow we're making it work. you will too when the time comes! in the meantime, do more traveling cause it gets a lot harder!

  15. ps - i just remembered how i found your case you're wondering, i did a google search for "whole foods dark chocolate mocha" because i'm obsessed with them and was trying to figure out what kind of chocolate they use :-)

  16. I got to #2. ...and I couldn't agree more. (but I could do without the sagging butt - it really happens - try not to sit too much :) ...I'm 32 by the way)

  17. I'm 5'1" and a size extra-small as well! Also, people think I'm 14-16, though I'm twenty. Chocolate is pretty much the only kind of candy I eat.

    I can never finish WRITING 100 things.


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