Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Perfect Dinner.

Locally made whole wheat spaghetti.
Locally made spaghetti sauce with celery and chickpeas.
Homemade bread turned garlic bread.

Homemade lemonade with blueberries.

...And, The Simpsons??

Ah, such is life as a married woman. (or at least a woman married to Mike.)

Side note: Yes, this may be a poor excuse for a post - but guess what? I just got back from Cleveland and I'm itching to post pictures of the city and our place and OH MY GOSH I'M SO EXCITED! So - maybe tomorrow?
Side note 2: I'm ALSO so excited to get all those chick lit books you ladies recommended. SERIOUSLY. (I finished Traveling Pants and I need another one to satiate my appetite for fluffy literature.)


  1. Okay this looks so delicious! Now I want to make some homemade bread.. mmm.. And chickpeas in spaghetti sauce??! what a great idea. am I the only person who has never heard of this?

  2. I heart chickpeas! That is quite a tasty dinner!

  3. Oh yum. That looks amazing.

    Why not try The Time Travelers Wife? Pretty good read.

  4. I love pink lemonade! I need some now. It is definitely lemonade weather.

  5. um yum! everything looks wonderful.

    hurry up and post those pics : )

  6. can I just say? I am tres jealous of the fresh foods! I have GOT to find myself more local grocers.

  7. Um, so you can feel free to come over and cook for me anytime.

    Just saying.


    PS: I recommend Time Travelers Wife, too, for your next read. SO GOOD!

  8. PPS: Do you find that you spend more money when purchasing fresh/local items as opposed to regular grocery store items? I'm interested in the cost comparison. Because I always want to make the effort to buy local, but have a hubby who is content eating the cheapest food we can find. :)

  9. this looks so yummy... I wish we could get together for dinner - wouldn't it be fun?

    That lemonade with the blueberries looks delicious!! I could have used it today - NJ was soooo HOT!

  10. I never thought about putting blueberries in lemonade! I'll have to try that!

  11. this is a good man-friendly veggie dinner idea! have anymore up your sleeve? personally i could make rice and some veggies for myself and be perfectly content... but when the boyfriend is home on the weekend i can't just feed him that. he needs something much heartier- like in & out burger. sigh. so we end up eating out a lot at veggie friendly places like chipotle, even though i'd rather cook for us. any more good veggie dinners you cook for your husband?

  12. Hmmm blueberries in lemonade is a great idea. I'll have to try that!

  13. The photo of the spaghetti and bread is totally making me salivate, and the idea of blueberries in lemonade sounds lovely!

    Hooray for your new city! It sounds like y'all are going to have a great start there.


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