Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trouples Rock. Irony Doesn't.

I'm starting to think Mike and I are going to have to advertise on Craigslist for a male to be a part of our trouple when we move to Cleveland. We seem to always have a good time with our friend, Tim. And in Denver we hung out with Joe, another troupler. It's grand when you get to the point of no third-wheelness.
Wanted: Easy going, fun male willing to hang out with young newlyweds. Must be okay with vegetarians, the occasional bicker, Thai and Indian food, a kiss or two (us, not you), and wanna be hippies. Vespa preferred, for nostalgia's sake. Make us laugh or engage us in an intellectual discussion and you're in.
After our trouple picnic on Friday, we headed to the coffee shop for an evening of reading and coffee. I ordered a tall iced chai latte in my reusable mug and plopped down in a big comfy chair, ready to settle into a long session with my beloved Photoshop.

Twenty five (25!!) minutes later, my drink was *finally* ready, and in a disposable plastic cup.

"Um, where's my mug?" I asked innocently, to the young barista.

"Oh!," smacking his head.

"Don't worry about pouring it in my mug," I say tersely, wanting to just drink my friggin' tea.

Like a good little yuppie, I proceeded to whine to Mike and Tim about the consistently poor service at this coffee shop. 25 minutes! Plastic cup! Argh!!

[Let me stop here to say that I don't hassle people who give me food. As long as it doesn't have meat, I'll take it. I don't cause problems. I'm pretty passive, as you know. And I hate to think or say mean things about anyone. So, when I say the service is bad - I MEAN it. It's awful - I feel like I'm at a bar where boys desperately attempt to pick up girls, instead of a coffee shop!]

As I'm ranting, the barista comes over, apologizes, and offers me two samples - a grenadine blended coffee, and a smoothie. Well. SHUT. ME. UP.

Happy about the samples, cringing at the bad timing, and realizing the irony: I'd brought my own mug to avoid a disposable coffee cup. Instead - I now have a big plastic cup for my chai tea, a small Styrofoam cup, and a plastic cup from my samples. And my coffee mug is still clean.

What can ya do, right?

I enjoyed all my sample goodness and my iced chai tea latte.

PS: We spent 3 hours and $600 at Ikea yesterday. I know, right? I can never just go in and get one thing.

PPS: Tomorrow is the Big Blog Swap. So look for a guest blogger on here, and look for my post over here about my blogaholism. It's an issue, people.


  1. Oh yes Ikea is evil in that way.. especially as you get close to the cash registers.. but I NEED a pack of fifty batteries and a new power strip. Really!

    The whole three disposable cup thing cracked me up. I'm glad you enjoyed your samples though!

  2. It's an enviornmentally concious person's nightmare.

    I will not be blog swaping tomorrow, my person has not returned my email. Booo. I got a loser. Anyone wanna blog swap with me tomorrow!

  3. trouple! what a great thing, i'm totally in a trouple with my neighbors. they are totally married to me AND each other. haha. it's great!

  4. Good lord, 25 minutes to get tea and then it's not even in a mug? What is this person new? At least she made it up to you, I might have been a bit meaner about it :)

  5. I hate getting poor service at restaurants and such, but I make sure to never complain until I get all of my food/drink. I'm pretty much terrified of what they would do to it. Woo hoo for free samples!

  6. Oh. MY. God.

    The trouple idea is completely new to me and I LOVE it. Couples dates are always so forced. Trouples? Are juuuuuust right.

  7. Trouples.... too funny!! great thing!

  8. Hey! I think this might be the first time I've commented but I just wanted to say that I love your blog -- I love that you're all environmentally conscious -- BUT you also understand the need for the awesomeness that is Target!

    Anyways- OMG -- this has TOTALLY happened to me- I bought the reusable mondo mug at Jamba and seriously it has happened like three times where they'll make the smoothie and put it in a disposable styrofoam cup. Makes me SOO mad. I wanna say to them-- do you think I'm carrying around this rediculous mondo mug fun fun?! No! The only reason is so I won't be forced to throw away the strofoam cup since Fresno,Cali doesn't recycle styrofoam. I mean, the mug is totally inconvenient cuz it's hard to hold and it's too big to fit in the cup holder and etc... So yeah, I totally get ya on that one!


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