Monday, July 14, 2008

My Blog Is Being Taken Over By Babies & Junk Food.

You know summer is going well when you don't have much time to sit at the computer and write.

So I guess I should count this as a blessing, because isn't that what summer's all about? Eating ice cream, being outside as much as possible, making iced tea every chance you get, sleeping with the windows open, the fans on, and in your tank top. Cuddling with little babies, playing with toddlers, going on bike rides with Mike, and enjoying flip flop weather.

Here's a quick, illustrated update:

I was really busy, you see. Eating. A lot. See?

Why yes, of course we asked Chipotle to write our names on our burritos!

Mike's default "I want to ruin the picture and deny how adorable I am" face.

The MOST AMAZING CUPCAKES. Ever. Bellini (peach champagne), honey almond, night and day (dark & white chocolate), and hazelnut espresso. Mmm. All for ME.

I can never get enough Diet Dr. Pepper. Or babies trying to grab my drink.

Like I said, I've just been SO BUSY...

Catching up on some great chick lit. (The Starter Wife. I totally want to see the miniseries with Debra Messing, now!!)

And I went to the zoo with nine little cousins:

Who found much more excitement in the rocks near our picnic table than any of the exhibits. We stayed less than 2 hours. Hot + tired kids + lots of people = sweaty, grumpy situation. {I'm still out of baby fever...for now. Spending time with my cousins fulfills my need for adorableness, but I don't want to have the responsibility 24/7. Yet.}

The 9-year-old befriends the 2 year old. My heart sighs with cuteness.

l feel you, brother.

All updating aside, let's talk about how great my first day of work was, shall we? It was. Great, that is. First days, I've found in my scant job experience, are generally quite awkward. You aren't sure what to do, you need to be oriented before you can assume much responsibility or projects, and you generally sort of putz around feeling useless for a few weeks. [Or am I doing something wrong?]

Despite that, today was fantastic:
  • Mike and I have already been asked over to dinner by my coworker. FIRST! DAY! We might just have friends, people. (Gosh, how much of a loser am I?)
  • Free lunch - a toasted everything bagel with hummus and grilled veggies. OH YES.
  • I wasn't late. That, uh, never happened at my last job. Perhaps since it's less than a 5 minute walk from my house to my office, I will break my late habit...? Stay tuned.
  • My boss is adorable. Amazing and so sweet and kind.
  • I might get to be a part of a voter education project on campus. (!) Educating college students and allowing them to discuss issues this fall before the election. HOW AWESOME. (Speaking of which? Election, that is. The New Yorker has me shaking my head in disbelief. That is some seriously messed up, irresponsible journalism. *shudder*)
  • All of my coworkers are amazing. Period. Nicest people, ever.
And when my boss asked me about my plans after this year (it's a one-year position), I admitted that I was interested in a graphic design certificate, even though it might seem "silly." [After realizing I pay more attention to the design of brochures and pamphlets than the actual content, I figure I might at least want to learn a little bit more about it all.] I surprised myself with the honesty, since it has little to do with my current field, and even less to do with my college degrees.

I'm proud of myself.

And I can't even remember wasn't absolutely great about my day. (Okay, maybe having a cupcake and some Ben and Jerry's PLUS dinner. But, really, I don't even feel guilty about that.)


  1. Yay for you! So glad that you had a fantastic first day at work! It sounds like it was absolutely perfect! Yeah, first days are usually totally awkward and weird -- so cool that you already got a dinner invite! Yay for friends! Whoa, those cupcakes sound insanely good! Yeah, that New Yorker thing is beyond horrible. UGH!!! Man. What is wrong with the news these days?! Not cool.

  2. I love Chipolte too... it is Yummmmmy!!

    I too am glad you had an awesome 1st day of work.. You were on my mind today...

  3. I am so glad that things are working out so well! Makes me happy to hear that. And especially having such a great job, great coworkers and all of that. That is HUGE. Doesn't happen often, lady, so appreciate it! Heehee.

    Love all the photos - those cupcakes are making me hungry. (And I just ate dinner, so what does that tell you about my gluttony?)

    Thanks for updating us all! Hurrah for flip-flop weather!

  4. looks like you have been busy! but at least you are getting settled!

  5. yay for being proud of yourself. although everything else you mention sounded really great, that sounded the best!

  6. Oh yum. How fun!

  7. Those. Cupcakes. OMG. Sorry that is all my mind can concentrate on at the moment. Send me one?? haha! No I need to find a magic cupcake shop like that around here. Otherwise I may need to take a trip into SF solely for cupcakes.

  8. My niece and nephew liked the playground at the ZOO the best, too. Funny how that happens that they're not as keen on the main attraction.

  9. I'm so excited for y'all. It looks like you're settling in well, and work sounds like it's going great and it's only the SECOND day! Yay for having friends! (I'm still working on that here, ugh.)

    Also, I'm really wanting those cupcakes right about now...

  10. I'm really jealous of your summer. Seriously. I love the picture of the cupcakes and Chipotle. That is a lot of burritos.


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