Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stuff. And Lots of It.

So, I was addicted to the internet. HARDCORE.

Between Twitter, Facebook, and the wonderful world of blogging - let's just say, my laptop was my friend.

Cue moving, the 4th of July, two weeks of "vacation," and DAYS (days!) without internet. It was weird - I got so much done. Without TV or internet, I was...productive. Constantly. I flirted with the idea of leaving the internet completely.

Then, my computer detected a wireless internet signal.

Happily, my productivity can wane, the unpacking can be put on hold, and the dishes can wait: because I. Have. Internet. (Free! Wireless signal from who-knows-where!)

I won't bore you with moving in details (The boxes, the assembling, the redecorating, Oh my!). But I WILL say, emphatically: I HATE MOVING.

It makes me realize how much crap I have. The entire time we were packing and moving, I just kept asking Mike, "What is all this crap and WHERE DID IT ALL COME FROM!?" Granted, I know we accumulated lots of stuff when we got married (yay! free kitchen stuff!) - but it seems like the stuff just kept multiplying. {Mike mentioned something about buying a house after this year, insinuating that it would keep us from having to move for quite some time, to which I insisted: "NO! We need to just get rid of a whole bunch of this crap!"}

So moving provided me some motivation for getting rid of some things, and reflecting on what we have and why we need it. (Something I'm constantly challenged with with when I consider someone like Holly or Sara, both of whom left their belongings to travel. Holly's latest post is even about whether to be tied down with a mortgage or not!)

Some of my quandaries in the Get-Rid-of-Crap Project: Yearbooks from middle school? 5 bazillion pictures? These are things I'd love to keep - but somehow I don't think I look at them enough to warrant their presence in our house. 13 belts? C'mon, seriously?

For a far more eloquent take on the problem of Stuff, check on Sara's post. It's great - really challenging stuff. Maybe I'll attempt to tackle the subject later after I get rid of lots. :)

Hope you're all well! I miss you guys. :)


  1. Moving DOES suck!

  2. Welcome back! ;-) Internet is addicting! I don't have time for it at home though, just at work. Since I'm on a computer all day...
    Stuff is a huge problem for me as well. I have no idea why I have so much. I haven't even bought anything in a long time, so I don't know where it comes from. And then organizing is just aweful. It seems like I don't have time for it. Now I find that I have space, but because I haven't organized, I haven't put anything in there. I'm trying to do a little at a time now, but I'm so unmotivated.
    Don't throw out your year books! You are still recently out of school, so you probably don't care. But 10 years down the road, it's fun to look at them again. Now, gazillion pictures on the other hand... Those can probably be pared down ;-)

  3. My family has moved a couple times, and I've moved dorm rooms/houses at school, so we've pretty much eliminated all the JUNK that we've accumulated. When I stumble across something in my closet that I'd forgotten I had, it's probably a good sign that I can get rid of it.

    Welcome back though!

  4. Hmmm, I don't know if I've ever commented on your site... I suppose I'm delurking then!

    Anyhoo, my husband and I live by the "awesome" rule. We've moved three times in our three years of marriage - accumulating is just what happens! But every so often, we'll go through our stuff to make sure everything is "awesome" ie) we use it all the time, or it serves a necessary purpose (the x-mas tree, ginormous serving platters, etc). If it's not awesome, out it goes.

    It's hard to get rid of stuff, but it's SO NICE to live in a clutter-free space and know where everything you need is!

  5. glad the move is oging ok!! We sure do mis you too...

  6. Yup, I had a "Why did I bring this stuff with me?" moment after I moved a couple of months ago, too. Made a pile for a local church's yard sale, and whatever didn't sell got donated to a charity thrift store.

  7. I'm so glad the move went well, love! I hope Cleveland is splendid for you two. I miss talking to you, m'dear.

  8. Welcome back!! I felt the same way when I moved up here last year. I did a lot of throwing away.. It was rough because I would say "Oh but what if I need it someday" and then would toss it anyway. And this is why I never ever want to move again.. well until we buy a house. but then.. never again.

  9. Welcome back!

    I definitely agree that moving sucks, but doesn't it feel nice to be almost in?

  10. We miss you too. DO NOT EVEN HINT AT LEAVING THE BLOGGING WORLD BEHIND. There will be mass hysteria.

  11. Movind does suck!

    I go absolutely nuts without the internet!

  12. I am huge about decluttering. There is so much stuff that we think we 'might' need someday but we never actually use. Just toss it. If you're not sure about it..then toss it. It might save you tons of moving time. :)

  13. Gosh I fear all the crap I'll find when I move. I get in a big decluttering mode about three times a year and go go town tossing stuff. I hate moving. Glad you guys are settling in. Thank goodness for free Wi-Fi!

  14. ugh, I look around my house at all the shit and think I should really go through all of this and get rid of it....then I think, well, if we're thinking about buying a house next year, I guess I'll get to it then.

    procrastinating poop.


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