Monday, August 11, 2008


August 11th, 2007.

I woke up and ran a 5K with Mike and one of my bridesmaids and closest friends, Katie. I hadn't ran in weeks, but I wanted to do something that would get my mind off the fact that I was, oh, you know, WALKING DOWN THE AISLE at 2pm.

With a veil attached to a barrette clipped to my ponytail, I chugged slowly along 3.1 miles. After about 2.5 miles, Mike had finished and came back to finish with me. Sweaty and panting, I hugged Mike for the last time before we'd be standing on the altar.

The morning was slow-paced and enjoyable - Starbucks, hair dos, getting dressed at the church, and hanging out in the bride's room. I was unbelievably calm. A few of my aunts and cousins came in and talked while we waited. It wasn't rushed or crazy at all, just very calm and fun.

Then, the photographer came in (while little sister was getting changed!) and started snapping away.
Note: none of these pictures are from the photographer - he did his on real film (I was too much of an idiot realize that digital would TOTALLY be worth the extra $75. Whatever.)

With the flower girls and ring bearers. Mike's niece and nephew on the left, my cousins (slash godson!) on the right. I love little people.

Before I knew it - the procession had started. Mike walked down aisle with his parents, then the bridal party, then my parents and I came down. The part I had feared most - hundreds of people staring at me - was hardly awkward at all! It was the most wonderful experience in the world, in fact. Being surrounded by the smiling, beautiful faces of those I love most in the world was the most overwhelmingly wonderful sensation I've ever experienced.

Like these cute kids. :) Oh, cousins.

In the blink of an eye, the ceremony was over - I barely remember singing, or communion, or the whole ring thing. ("It's already time for that!?" I remember thinking). I do remember, however, that the priest never told us to kiss. So Mike just stole one anyway. ;-)

We hugged everyone and then came the bubble tunnel of loooove:

It was the yay! Go outside! Okay, now back inside to take pictures! Moment. {Looking at this, I'm reminded just HOW MUCH I loved those flowers. Mmm.}

After a picture taking marathon, with lots of lovely pictures that I wish I could show you, (Oh, wait! Here's one I showed you before.) we partied hard. (And by party hard? I mean dance like crazy. I consumed absolutely zero alcohol - minus a champagne toast, of course - at my wedding because I was too busy bustin' a move on the dance floor. All. Night. Long.)

Our reception was in a Serbian Orthodox Church Hall. It was a little dark, but LARGE - which was our primary requirement with my huge family. (We're talking over 100 relatives for me, alone.) A buffet dinner, homemade centerpieces and favors (a CD recorded by Mike), and designed-by-me invitations, programs, and seating cards made it an affordable BIG wedding Plus, I totally enjoyed all the designing and creativity!

Did I mention there were 35 children at our reception? Um, awesome. Kids always get the dance party started, baby.

My wonderful parents, who will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in October. (Twenty! Five!) Any ideas of what I should do for them!? Haha. No, seriously.

I told you I had a big family: My mom's side. Three baby boys have been added since then. :-P

Cutting the cake. The top of which we'll be eating today -yes, we okay, my MOM, really did save it.

For some reason, Tara (my sister and Maid of Honor), looks like she knows what I'm going to do... {This picture is totally blurry, but I love how you can see my little cousin looking around Tara...}

Psych! A twist on the traditional "feeding each other cake" routine.

My beautiful housemates from college. (Go Flyers!)

First dance. Song? The one Mike wrote when he first met me, then wrote the lyrics tow when proposed to me. He's cute like that.

You can see my ugly-yet-comfortable heels I changed into after the wedding. :) And that dress was my aunt's - it fit me like a glove. She'd had it altered for her wedding in 2001 (good thing she's also short and petite!). That free dress saved me a LOT of time and money. Woohoo for reusing!


  1. Happy anniversary!
    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Aww, happy 1st anniversary! A year goes by quick, doesn't it? My photographer also used real film and I'm still kicking myself for that. I eventually scanned all the photos in, but it took forever!
    P.S. My parents were so thankful to get our cake topper out of their freezer!

  3. Happy 1st Anniversary!!
    The pictures are beautiful, and yes, I can relate to the "real" film dilemma-- except we got married in 2002 (I know, we're so OLD), and digital wasn't even an option at that point! Isn't that insane?
    Have a wonderful time celebrating your first year together, and may every year be the best one yet! (It gets even more fun, truly!)

  4. happy anniversary!!! go flyers is right.

    you looked so pretty by the way, and happy. happy is the most important.

    side note though - WHO runs a 5k the day of their wedding!?!? I LOVE IT

  5. happy anniversay!
    i love the wedding story, and you looked absolutely stunning on your big day. i love the photos.

  6. happy first!! i wish you two many many many many (how many times can i say many?) more!!

    you looked gorgeous and score on the free wedding dress!

  7. Happy anniversary!!! I hope that the two of you have many more ahead of you to celebrate :)

    You made an absolutely gorgeous bride-that first photo of you with the kids is breathtaking!

  8. I love that you went for a run the morning of your wedding - you're hardcore! Thanks for sharing your wedding photos! I love the bubble picture! The cake twist was so funny! Happy anniversary! Congrats! Oh, I can't wait to hear if your cake tastes any good!

  9. Happy 1st Anniversary!! you looked soooo beautiful!

  10. Congratulations and Happy 1st Anniversary!!!!

  11. Happy anniversary and many more!

    What does old cake taste like???

  12. such beautiful pictures!! Happy anniversary!

  13. Great pictures! You both look so happy!

  14. What a great story. Thanks for sharing. I love love love that you reused a dress. You rock.

  15. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a wonderful evening together, and I loved seeing all your pictures. And they are quite beautiful for not being your professional ones!! Wow!

  16. Aww, how sweet! Happy anniversary! Y'all are TOO cute!

  17. I never saw this bc i didn't have internetz but if i had i wouldve DEFINITELY wished you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ASHLEY & MIKE!!!!
    oh how i LOVE the jumping picture, LOVE!!!
    you guys are so adorable. <3


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