Monday, September 29, 2008

Follow Ups

I love to read updates. LOVE. So, I will bestow you will updates because I assume that you, as well, adore updates and were waiting anxiously to hear how I'm doing, what I've decided and why the heck I have that gross "toes or nose" poll...

Last Monday, I posted about my realization that I'm addicted to caffeine and pledged to rid myself of the addiction.

After several YEARS of drinking coffee daily - I've effectively QUIT.

- I'll pause for applause. -

I had a little sample cup from Trader Joe's on Sunday and a decaf latte or two, but I'm no longer surviving on caffeine.

I've been bringing Decaf Sweet Coconut Chai Tea or some hot chocolate to work in the mornings. Because there's a huge sense of ritual for me in sipping a warm beverage as I check my email and begin the day. I'm pretty psyched to be addiction-free. :)

(Again, I feel like I'm taking this caffiene addiction too seriously. But if you couldn't imagine going a DAY without coffee, and you got headaches when you don't drink it - you would, too!)

Last Wednesday, I asked you for camera advice.

And I was so excited and overwhelmed by the massive amount. In fact, I've categorized it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! It was so helpful.

Before I tell what I've decided, let me tell you something...I haven't talked about it on my blog yet - but we're experiencing some major car troubles. Long story short: We wanted to sell 2002 Honda Accord to pay for Mike's grad school tuition and get a cheap, older car to replace it.

Fast forward three months and we have our (wonderful! beloved! no problems! ever!) Accord in our driveway and our crap Oldsmobile rotting in the garage. It won't start. I don't know what to do. We bought it from my car mechanic-uncle, who has fixed it once. And it won't start again.

It's a mistake that cost a LOT. Like, I could have bought Adobe CS3 and a DSLR camera for the money we've apparently wasted. I kick myself for it, but it is what it is.

(Side note: Any ideas for a crappy old car that won't start?)

Anyway, I've resigned myself to realizing (uh, or Mike may have pointed out...) that buying a dud of a car in addition to losing a camera AND my engagement ring in one summer probably didn't warrant me buying some fancypants camera.

I've settled for this Canon PowerShot A590 IS and am keeping my fingers crossed for the possibility of a DSLR for Christmas.

I know me, and I'd need a point and shoot as well as a DSLR - because I love to bring my camera EVERYWHERE and sometimes I take inconspicuous pictures. Sneaky, eh?

Some of you have already voted in my poll over there in my sidebar. Thanks! You may be wondering why in the world I'm curious about the lesser of two evils - picking your toes or picking your nose.

Let's just say it stems from a difference of opinion with my husband. :) I'll tell you what happened after the poll ends. But for now, come out of your reader and vote! Vote, I tell you!


  1. Yay for being free from your caffeine addiction! You have more will power than I do!

  2. sorry about the car - that stinks!

  3. You might look into donating it to a local charity. You'll get a tax write-off for that. Some of them take non-running cars.

  4. Congrats for kicking the caffeine addiction! Yay!!! You rule. Dang, I still need to work on my soda habit. Bad! Man... that really sucks about the car -- Oh noes. Unfort I know nothing about cars. I used to have a 89 Volvo stationwagon and it broke seriously like every month. There was this guy who was an expert on Volvos my dad knew and that was the only reason it got fixed. Good luck with the car -- do you think your uncle could fix it again?! And it's still so, so sad you lost your ring ... :*( I'm sorry. Congrats about your new camera - that's so exciting!! Yaya!

  5. I've actually been looking into a new camera for myself lately. Mine is SO. SLOW. And crappy. But alas, as I know you understand, the finances dictate otherwise. And well played with the caffeine addiction!

    p.s. One month until Chrissy's wedding! eee!

  6. I do love updates!!!

    Congrats on the new camera, I have one like that. I'll also send good thoughts your way about the car and about getting a DSLR camera! =)

  7. Good for you quitting coffee and caffeine. you are a trooper. I don't know if I could do that.

  8. Yes, I too love updates. And strangely, I don't drink coffee or soda. Thank God.

    Because quitting? would be impossible.

  9. If I were you, I would check Craigslist ... the auto/car section and people post that they will buy your car for parts.

    Now, they won't buy it for $1,000 or anything but you could probably get $200 to $500 out of them...

    Just a suggestion :D

  10. Ashley: I'm trying. I still have no willpower against chocolate! :)

    Dana: I know. Total bummer!

    Heidi Renee: What a great idea - I'm totally going to look into it. Thanks!

    Sarah: I'm scared to ask my uncle again, but I think I'll have to suck it up and beg him...Boo!

    Holly: Can't wait to see you! ("Well played" reminds me of GoFugYourself. Ha.

    Auburn Kat: Thanks for the good thoughts! Hope they work!

    Bayjb: Thanks! I bet you could...

    Nicole: I've never smoked. For the same reason. (And also, that whole CANCER thing. Ya know.)

    Shannon: Thanks for the idea!!

  11. Totally impressed about giving up coffee, congrats! I think I'd have to drink a few half-cafs before I could be totally off of it.

  12. you kicked caffeine to the curb? there should be a statue erected in your honor.

  13. Did you ever check here:

    for the random possibility your camera might be found?

    It's a cool site either way.

  14. Breaking a caffeine addiction is really hard, so kudos for basically dropping it cold turkey! That really sucks about your car, but hooray for the new camera!


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