Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'Worth It' Wednesday: Because You're Worth It.

The following is a part of a new feature here. Blogs and the Internet greatly influence what I buy and where I shop. Buying something that ends up ineffective is one of my pet peeves - so getting a recommendation from someone honest and real is always a welcome occasion. I avoid being completely materialistic, but consumerism is part of life for most of us. Buying things that work and that you love avoids wasting money and products - I'm sure I'm not the only one who's bought a product that ended up not working and got shoved to the back of the cabinet, unused.

I want to spread the news about wonderful services and products to you all - and for you to do the same. Post this on your blog as well! I'd love to hear about what works for you.

worth it

For our first installment, let's talk about brows. Whether you tweeze them to oblivion or prefer the more natural, full look - having a good pair of tweezers is essential to your sanity. I can't tell you how many times I've bought a pair of Revlon or Sally's tweezers that could not seem to grasp a hair if its life depended on it. {And yet? I still continued to buy them for some crazy reason.} For those of you who haven't yet found the holy grail of tweezers, let me enlighten you.

Worth: Anywhere from $10-40. I have the $10 silver mini-slant tweezer. The mini size is cheaper and works just as well! {I bought mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond - but they're all over, just check out their website.}

Works For: Uh, anyone with eyebrows, who wants to do some maintenance. (I guess you could use it for splinters or other tweezer needs, so it works for...anyone!)
What I Love: They're affordable - sure, a bit more expensive than a cheap-o pair, but since they actually work, it's totally worth it. They have amazing precision and an ability to get any hair - even the tiny little ones just growing back. I cannot tell you how much I am in LOVE with these tweezers. After years of crappy, dull tweezers, I would do
What I Wish: My only gripe is that they use Comic Sans on a tiny bit of their website. (Worst font ever. Do not use.) That being said, this isn't about judging their website design, so I wouldn't change anything about these little beauties.

I never knew I could gush that much about TWEEZERS.

Over-tweezed goodness.


  1. Tweezers are quite important. I have a good pair I bought at Sephora (not sure of the brand), but I would never buy the cheapos again, they suck ass.

  2. i actually got a free pair of tweezerman jrs (in pink) from the internet about 8 yrs ago and they are still sharp!!

    by far, my most favorite beauty item. (ok, after chapstick).

  3. Loving this! And I definitely, definitely love my pair of tweezers. They are a lifesaver!

  4. i love me a twizzerman.. I use my - it's the greatest!!

  5. I get a big fast FAIL on tweezing. I just have them waxed because I'm tweezing-deficient.

  6. Dang, I've totally been considering buying some tweezerman tweezers and you just sold me on the idea. Love the feature--I may have to join in!

  7. Great new feature! Yay for your bloggy! Dangit, I'm such a cheapo I'm always buying cheap makeup and such ... and the cheapo tweezers. I must invest in the good stuff!

  8. Thanks for the recommendation and I'll definitely join in on this with you. My new Wednesday blogs will be Worth It Wednesdays! :D

  9. this if a fun feature! I like! I may have to join you on this.

    love my tweezerman tweezers too.

  10. Tweezermans are my savior. seriously.


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