Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big News...

I got a haircut.

Just about 3 inches.
{J'adore haircuts. A change of pace always makes me happy.}

Okay, seriously. The bigger news is obviously election night. I'm watching election results and I can hardly take my eyes off the TV. It's just so exciting. Mike and I went to Trader Joe's and stocked up on snacks to gnaw anxiously as we stay up as late. With a half-caff peppermint mocha, I'm am ready to stay up as late as needed!

It's so different than the months we spent watching primary results anxiously. This determines a president. Just much more instant gratification than determining a regular old nominee. I've been waiting months for today. Sixteen months, to be exact. For the first time, I really, really am engaged.

And that's what matters. Let's stay engaged, okay?


  1. i'm GLUED to my tv... er, my computer to be honest. my girlfriend and i are having sound wars.. she's on the tv trying to listen to the hockey game, and i'm in the same room on the computer, trying to blast cnn. (i'm winning).

    if only i was american..


  2. whoops. i got caught up in the election and forgot to say:


    you look fab =)

  3. Love the hair! :)

    We're anxiously awaiting the results too...luckily, we're a couple hours behind you, so HOPEFULLY it's not too late of a night for us. :)

    The real work begins tomorrow.

  4. 1. Love the haircut
    2. Yes, we must stay engaged
    3. No matter what if people would be as passionate about national and community service as we are about this election, we will be golden. Channel it for good people!

  5. You're adorable and I love the new 'do!
    And I'll definitely be up as late as necessary to find out what happens with this one!

  6. mmmm TJ's snacks! sounds like a good night!

  7. oh, it looks fantastic, and so bouncy! it's amazing what chopping off a few inches does, right?

    i'm so excited for tonight. HISTORY. ahhhh! i've got cnn on every tv in the house, just so i can't miss anything. long. night.

  8. Excellent hairdo, Mrs! I'm staying up all night, too. Hopefully I can keep my cats awake so they'll let me sleep when I finally turn in during the wee hours.

  9. Help me make my hair be that cute curly!!! I lovey it!

  10. your hair looks super cute!

    and yay for the election!!!

  11. yay for haircuts! i just got mine done... SEE?? --->

    I'll post better pictures later, that show detail, you know, to take up a nablopomo day.

  12. Your haircut is absolutely adorable! And I definitely agree! Last night was SO big!

  13. love the new do!
    And totally love that we tweeted, or twittered, whatever it is, during election night. Love it.

  14. Aw, I love your haircut. :] It's beautiful. & Wooooo! to the new president. :]

  15. Let's stay engaged. I agree. We've made huge grounds as Americans to be involved in the process, let's not stop now!!!

    And I know I say this every time you post a pic, but you're so adorable. I may have a girl crush on you... :-)

  16. Love the hair! You are too adorable!

    "Works For: Thick, thin, wavy, straight - this little gem tames it all. Not for bald people. Or babies." --- heee! and you're a silly goose!

    p.s. YAY Obama!!!!

  17. I'm getting my haircut tomorrow!

  18. Aw, pretty haircut. I love getting haircuts.

  19. I love the haircut! Very cute for fall.


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