Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Worth it Wednesday: Let's Get Something Straight.

My hair is a crazy animal, and I never quite know what to do with it. I usually go with curly, as it's quicker. However, I recently purchased a new straightening iron that might change some things...

[Kudos to Sarah for suggesting I do a Worth it Wednesday on this!]

Worth: It's currently $67.49 at (with free shipping!). I just snagged it for $29 on clearance at TJ Maxx, though. [Can I get a "Woohoo" for clearance?]

Works For: Thick, thin, wavy, straight - this little gem tames it all. Not for bald people. Or babies.

What I Love: It can get insanely hot. Like 395 degrees. Woah, baby! The best part? It cut my normal straightening time from 45-60 minutes to FIFTEEN MINUTES. This means I might actually spend the time to straighten my hair now. Also, speaking personally - most hair straighteners don't do a great job on my wavy, thick hair (we're talking it gets wavy again an hour later.) This actually works! And for much less than a Chi.

A few more highlights:
  • Includes Heat-Resistant Carrying Pouch (Cute and silver!)
  • Made of Ceramic
  • Features Instant-Heat Recovery System
  • Features 30-sec. Heat Up
  • Automatic Shutoff (good for energy and my absentmindedness)
What I Wish: It could be even hotter and I'd be happy. But my hair probably wouldn't, so I guess it's good.

{Side note} I'm always on the fence as to whether it's better for the environment for me to use hair products or straighten it. On one hand - there's packaging waste and chemicals, on the other hand - there's energy usage. Sigh. I'm probably the only person who weighs things like this. But completely au natural is not an option, unfortunately. I have wild-crazy-frizzy-unpredictable hair that isn't so appropriate for work. And now I'm blathering on about my eco-anxiety. Apparently this is what you guys will be subject to in the wake of all the election excitement: Get excited!

*The more syllables and adjectives, the better the product, apparently.


  1. I have a pretty similar straightening iron and I love it and the super awesome pouch it came with. I really like your worth it wednesday posts, so much fun.

  2. oh man, i bought a new flat iron and it gets so hot. i too have super thick wavy hair, and this thing does the job!

    as for whether to use products or the iron, i'd go with the iron... the energy usage has to be minimal, just remember to unplug it when you're done!

  3. "Not for bald people. Or babies." Hahahaha you crack me up!

    I think straighteners are one of the best inventions ever.

  4. I too have unpredictable, indecisive, thick & wavy hair (well, I really should say "wavy-straight" as some days it wants to be slightly more straight, other days - slightly more wavy...). I currently use a T3 Tourmaline straightener and it had been doing the job, but I'm afraid it's lost some oomph. I straighten and, after hours of dancing and partying, the awful indecisive wave comes back.

    Anyway, do you use products along with the straightener? And how often do you have to use the straightener? (I'm a big fan of not washing or re-styling hair for a day or two).

    Great post, obviously : ) Keep it up!

  5. off to hunt myself down one! i've been looking for a flat iron that really does the job.

  6. i prefer the frizzy hair tied in some unprofessional pony tail or bun. my boss can get over it... i can sleep in.:)

  7. Sweet tip! My straightener is about to bite the dust any day now :(

    PS - You've been tagged! Check out my blog for more details!

  8. Have you tried GHDs? you have GHDs over there? They are, without a doubt, the best straighteners in the land and have changed my life. My hair's life anyway. They're ceramic too and heat up in nano seconds. Very hot, I've burned myself a couple of times. I have big hair when left to its own devices, not curly really but wavy, and I can straighten mine with these in about 10 minutes. They're crazy expensive though but for me are worth it.

  9. I wish I needed a straightener. I have the stick straight baby fine hair that once I take a straightener to, it's looks abnormally straight. Too much straightness going on. Haha. It's so hellbent on being straight in fact, that I had a chemical perm put in when I was like 12, and it fell out in less than a week. All that money and long hours of chemically curling my hair, and it fell out. IN LESS THAN A WEEK. Gah. The grass is always greener on the other side me thinks.

  10. whoa thats a lot of hair straightening time!

    im too lazy to do my hair these days, oops.

  11. yay! You did the straightener for worth it wednesdays! Ha- I like this post's title. I demand to see before and after pictures of your wavy and then straight hair!

  12. #1. i love the straightener. especially that you got it for such a wicked deal


    #2. i absolutely adore you for thinking about, and then writing about, the little dilemmas you have over going green. do you know of any 'green' hair products? or products that come in non-plastic containers? i'd be all over that. instead of my plastic bottles of products, and blowdrying my thiick hair.. (uhm, i think i'm making you cringe.. :))

  13. Two words: Coconut Oil

    I have curly/frizzy hair that also can't be left to its own devices, but I'm far too lazy to straighten. I was using lots of gel (the super strong stuff) until I finally read about coconut oil enough times I thought it would be worth a try. It's amazing! Just a little bit creates nice, well defined curls. I bought a jar (made of glass!) from Whole Foods this summer and I'm not even half way through it. And I use it every single day. Plus, it's fun to watch the consistency change as the temperature fluctuates (it melts at maybe 75 degrees, so you melt a bit on your hands before applying).

  14. Oh that's so good that you were able to cut down your straightening time! I bet that baby gets hot though, wooo.


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