Thursday, November 27, 2008

You So Knew This Was Coming.

Today held two rounds of dinner and two rounds of dessert at three different houses.


Bring on the cuddly, cute babies:

Truly Happy
Truly happy.


First pumpkin pie!
I got to feed him his first pumpkin pie. What a milestone. [He ate a lot.]

Gobble Gobble
And, the token corny couple picture, of course.

Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous. (Unless you're not from here, in which case, hope your random Thursday was great!)

Just curious, anyone braving Crazy Shopping Friday?


  1. Am heading to the Banana Republic and Michael Kors outlets at Aurora tomorrow. With my parents and gay brister. Should be interesting. ;)

  2. ALWAYS SO cute! I WILL NOT be shopping at all tomorrow! In fact, I REFUSE to shop this year. That is where you come in in helping me with that! ;)

    I am going easy and homemade and meaningful this year.

  3. Awww I really do think we're missing out without thanksgiving here! Really REALLY cute babies! Lovely pictures.

  4. the pictures are toooo cute!

    hope you had a great thanksgiving - looks like you did!

    it was a lovely random thursday up north :)

  5. I didn't brave the Black Friday shopping because there wasn't a parking spot left in the mall by 7am. That is just too crazy for me. You couple picture is adorable!

  6. Cute pictures, as always! :-) I am not shopping today, or this weekend. I am doing a 'buy nothing day' :)

  7. omg....THE CUTEST PICTURES EVER....I heart the last one :)

  8. Awww; all the pictures were darling (you are going to make a GREAT mother! I can see it in the pictures; you are a natural with children!) but the last one of you & your hubby was the best of them all! I think this is the first time i've seen a picture of him...

    Nevertheless, you both make a beautiful couple & will, no doubt, make beautiful babies. =]

  9. Love the pic of you and your boy!

    The only thing I bought on crazy friday was Friends box sets - season one & two. And I totally thought of you! On sale for $12.99. BARGAIN!


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