Friday, December 19, 2008


…cookies make a perfectly acceptable breakfast.

…I enthusiastically jump the gun – like when I was in seventh grade and cast as lead in our school play. I assumed I’d be an actress and immediately started researching NYC’s acting school. I made a life plan involving modeling [never mind that I am five-foot-one], theater, and film acting. I wasn’t cast in the next play and quickly lost all momentum, burying those silly dreams. I’m learning to pace myself. It’s hard.

...I think my head will explode trying to make a decision about my future. Ka-boom.

…a perfect lunch break is one spent doing dishes. It makes coming home after work a bit more relaxing.

…I really want to be pregnant, and then I get nervous that I’m putting too much hope and expectation into being a mother [never mind our financial situation].

…I consider going to grad school and being a graduate assistant just because that’d be two years of not having to worry about finding a job.

…I think I change my mind every other second. I cannot commit to anything – how in the world did I end up getting married at the age of twenty-two?

…Spending time with sisters is more important than finishing presents for Christmas. Time > gifts, right?

…I aspire to be a full-time, freelance “maker,” other times I crave the security of regular paychecks.

…Real butter is way too amazing to even consider not putting into my baked goods.

...I think getting Adobe Creative Suite 4, a new Mac Powerbook, and a Canon Rebel would make me happier than a clam [that's a saying, right?].


  1. 5'1?! hehe. you're so tiny and cute.

    and cookies are always an acceptable breakfast. always.

    enjoy your holidays, sweetheart!

  2. it's okay i freak out about my future all the time. it's only natural :)

  3. um...cookies are ALWAYS a perfectly acceptable breakfast!

  4. I can attest that CS4, a macbook and a Canon camera a happy clam makes.
    But I do have to say cake makes an even better breakfast.

  5. I love that being a grown-up means I can have cookies for breakfast whenever I want. I'm pretty open to Moosh's cake idea, though. :)

    For some personality types (mine for example), anxiety about the future never goes away. Sometimes you pray about it and then give it some time--often the most pressure, and needless at that, comes from ourselves. Don't wind up with "analysis paralysis." I'll pray for you. :)

    That butter comment cracked me up. Amazing butter must come from amazing cows.

  6. I think all the 5'1'' women of the world should unite and form a union that demands some of y'all be hired as models.

  7. Heh! I've been eating cookies for breakfast all week..

  8. i'm not gonna lie, it doesn't matter what time it is to me... i'll always eat cookies! and, i would totally be happy as a clam with a canon rebel! oh so happy :)

  9. Brian would agree with you on the cookies part!! he loves cookies anytime.. ME too!!!!

    And I cannot commit to anything ever either!!! i am always so in decisive!!

  10. Sometimes ... cake, pie and ice-cream make for great breakfast. Or so my husband and in-laws would tell you. I married into trouble, I tell you!

    And yes, time spent with siblings trumps almost anything!

  11. Um cookies and/or cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast lunch and dinner. It's multifunctional.

  12. I'm with you, real butter is amazing to use when baking!

  13. I say cookies for breakfast are AOK! And yes, you gotta use real butter! Loved this post. Love you!

  14. Oh my! You're tiny! I didn't realize that you were only 5'1''. (My mother is 5'2'' so you're in good company!)

    & cookies do make the perfect breakfast. ;]

  15. I'm with you on the first one! cookies and candy are my breakfast of choice ;)

    I'm only 5'2" so I'm with you. and btw, I've been approached to do some modeling but did you know that even to be a petite model you have to be at least 5'4" - 5'5"? That is not petite in my book!

    oh and about your question about my pictures... I am using a cannon 50mm f/1.2L lens. it is my favorite lens of all time. the f/1.2 really helps with the low lighting.

  16. you and me and Hil and Kerri should have babies together. Im just sayin.


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