Monday, December 22, 2008

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Love.

I've decided to almost not shop at all for presents this year.

Which means, I had to take today and tomorrow off work to actually MAKE all these presents, since I was busy starting an Etsy shop this past month.

{If you are a sister of mine, and want to be surprised when we do our gift exchange, stop reading this now....}


{Really! I mean it!}


Okay, so as I was going to say - I am busy pretending to be a stay-at-home wife and making lots and lots of gifts.

Want to see?
Homemade Gift Goodness!
I made several sets for my gift bags which will include the rice heat therapy bag, cold therapy headache pillow, candy cane sugar scrub (made by me), a box of Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joes (better than Thin Mints, if I may say so.), and some fair trade hot cocoa, coffee, and tea. Relaxation gift bags. Woohoo.

You can also see some personalized makeup pouches that I'm creating for mes soeurs.

I bought Mike's presents, but added my own touch to them:
Mikey's Gift!
The sewing is a little embarrassing, but the important part is: Look! I got him an iPod! I rock!

Simpson's Reference.
It's a Simpsons reference - this episode about M[apple], with myPhones and myPods. Anyway. Carry on.

I also got him this cup he's been bugging me about FOREVER. It's called, "I'm not a paper cup" and it made of ceramic with a silicone lid. I made him a little argyle cuff to keep his hands from get burnt.
Argyle is Fun.

By the way, since I'm throwing pictures around like a madwoman, I've added a few things to my shoppe over the last few weeks -
My creation
1. flowery delight tote 2. black and green flowers boxy zipper pouch. 3. purple love felt pouch 4. pretty zipper pouch

Whew! My sewing machine and I are like BFF now, you guys. Oh, and can't forget Seinfeld DVDs, where would I be without them?

Hope your Christmas/Hanukkah/last-full-week-of-December week is going well!


  1. I want to be your sister. I also want that travel mug. Where is it from?

  2. You're so sweet! Everyone will be lucky to get their presents from you on Christmas morning. Happy holidays!

  3. I love your idea for the relaxation bags and secretly wish I could be in on that gift exchange.

  4. I love your work! And you do such a great job packaging it too! So thrilled with the bag I ordered from you!

  5. Very sweet! I wish I was at home making things!

  6. OMG I love that iPod case. That is just too cute!! I must have it.

  7. Yessss, where is that mug from!?! I love all of your stuff!! SUPER cute!!! :) :)

  8. ookay I am trying to write a comment for the upteenth time....
    I love the cup cuff, it is super spiffy.

  9. All of that stuff is super duper cute! How thoughtful and creative you are! I really hope you sell some of those "headache pillows" on your store because I'm dying to know all about them and maybe get my little hands on one! Merry Christmas!!

  10. I love those rice-filled eye masks plus the matching pillows. Totally adorable ... and seemingly easy to make. I went DIY this year for gifts to my family, too!

  11. Such a little Crafty McCrafterson you are! :D It's all adorable and I so want to make those therapy gifts!

  12. I wish I was even remotely as talented as you.

  13. Oh my goodness, you little sweetpea!

    The presents you made totally top everything I bought from stores..

    You are a domestic goddess/You rock big time.

  14. Seriously, they are STUNNINGLY cute. I love them! Can I have one please?!

  15. seriously! you are amazing! love the argyle cuff. too cute.

  16. okay your stuff is so cute, you are so crafty i love it.

  17. OMG that argyle sleeve is ADORABLE!!!!!
    I saw that cup when i was at Urban Outfitters some weeks ago and loved the idea of it! Sadly i am wayyyyy too clumsy to own one and i'd cry when it inevitably broke *tear*
    your sisters are so lucky! what a fun and adorable bunch of gifts!

  18. LOVE the take care kits! How awesomely creative!

  19. Can I be your sister so that you can hand-make items for me & my ipod, too? ;]

    Everything looks so nice & cozy. I'm sure everyone will be so happy with the presents they're receiving! Yay & merry Christmas!

  20. How lovely! Really! I know your sisters must LOVE their presents -- you're so creative!

  21. These gifts are so so adorable and I hope all the recipients loved them! (because if they didn't I will demand that they mail them to me instead lol)

  22. Oooh I bet everyone LOVED their awesome relaxation gift bags! What a neato idea! And you made your own candy cane sugar scrub?! You rock my socks! I'm sure your hubby adored his mypod case ... and that "I'm not a paper cup" is great! Even better with your cuff! Go argyle!


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