Friday, January 2, 2009

{FAQ 6} Eco-Tipp, Fantasy Island, How I Smell, and Baby Plans!

I am going to finish these FAQs! So, how about FAQ Fridays? Yes? Okay, then - let's go!

Tipp wonders: If you could give people just one eco-friendly tip, above all others that people should do, what would it be?

Think about how much waste you're creating with what you eat, buy, wear, and drive. And then try to reduce that. Just be conscious.

It sounds simple, but if you do it right, you'll drive yourself crazy trying to use and waste less.

(On a personal note, I've been insanely over-using a particular resource this holiday season. *cough*food*cough* Although eating tons of junk food, and continuing to eat after I'm full isn't as obvious of a waste

(Of course, for tons more ideas, check out my "Baby Steps" in my sidebar.)

Also, if you could only choose ONE pandora station to listen to every day what would it be??

90% of the time, I'd say Coldplay. Perfect for getting work done and grooving at the same time. Although, the last time I was at work (where I do the bulk of my Pandora-ing) found me listening to Christmas pop in a desperate attempt to feel some sort of Christmas cheer. (I so am full of Christmas cheer now. And it sure as heck doesn't end after Christmas!)
ThatShortChick asks: if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Family notwithstanding: hands down, HAWAII! The perfect blend of cultures - not bland or boring. And you cannot beat the beauty. Palm trees, high of 85 year round, beaches, and mountains. Mmm. (I am so not one of those people who "needs" seasons and can't celebrate Christmas without snow. Nope. Not at all. Yet, I still live in Ohio. Huh.)

Apricot tea
would like know: 1.) Who do you admire/look up to & why?

Funny you should ask, because I've been thinking about this a whole lot lately. I think my combination of values and beliefs makes it hard for me to completely identify that One Person whom I'd like to model myself after. (Um, I guess Jesus is a pretty good role model, but I have an easier time identifying living people right now. A little less cliche than Jesus, right?)

There are many people I admire for many different reasons, currently I'm going to point to women who have successful - like Ashley, who started her own photography business this year. And Danni, who has had amazing success on Etsy (Heck! I admire so many Etsy women.). There are tons more, but I admire them because they took a risk, they started something, they pursued their passions. And I want to do the same someday, so I completely and totally admire them.

2.) What is your signature scent?

I don't really wear any type of perfume. The only fragrance I put on my body is deodorant. I do enjoy Victoria's Secret Amber Romance body spray, but I'm just not one for lots of fragrance. Although I've been falling in love with essential oils lately. I got one from Whole Foods called "Chill Pill" with citrus and lavender. I keep it in my desk drawer at work and sprinkle a little on my wrists and breathe in the relaxation. Ommm. Maybe my signature scent is: "Should have showered yesterday"?

3.) Your most favorite food as a vegetarian?

Oh, man. Just one? I love to eat. Perhaps baked sweet potato fries are my favorite. Right now, anyway. {They're super simple - just cut, toss with olive oil and salt/spices. Then bake at 350, or broil on high if you're impatient like me. Turn them over when they start to brown. Dip in ketchup. Mmm.}

4.) Are you & your husband planning on having babies soon? (Since this question was asked most for me!)

Planning? Nope. He is in grad school and I'm a professional volunteer - our income situation is anything but stable right now! We'd like to get his career underway before we bring a little insanely-dependent person into our life. We'll probably have our first while Mike is getting his PhD, so I have no illusions of achieving wealth before starting a family. :)

That being said, surprises always happen! And without getting too personal - let's just say we don't practice birth control with chemicals, hormones, or *ahem* other barriers, (my cheeks are red right now!) - so there's a bit of room for surprise. (And there's always the possibility that I might have troubles getting pregnant. Which would be awful, so let's not think about that.)

We also hope to adopt/foster. That requires more financial stability, though, so I know it will be a while before that happens!


  1. I love sweet potato fries too :) You're so funny!

  2. mmmm, sweet potato fries! altho i'm lazy and buy mine frozen from trader joes :D
    i started laughing so hard while reading the last paragragh, you are so funny & cute!

  3. Yay, you answered my questions. :]

    I'm going to have to try those sweet potato fries. I've heard they're delicious, but haven't had the chance to give them a whirl.

    I love that you're not taking birth control, only because i've often thought of not taking mine either. I hate the idea of putting chemicals in my body... but I definitely don't want to get pregnant (unlike you, I don't very much like "surprises."). So I suppose BC will have to do...

    I'm so excited you answered my questions though. :]

  4. mmm. i might make some sweet potato fries for dinner tonight... but they are more of a vessel for spicy ketchup for me, i love me some ketchup.

    i didn't take any BC for a long while, party because i was punishing myself and because i didn't like the wild mood swings. that stuff is CRAZY.

  5. It makes me SO happy that you love sweet potato fries, too! I didn't discover them until a year ago, but I'm definitely in love. Yum!

  6. I love sweet potatoe fries too... they are soo yummy.. i love anythign sweet potatoes!!!

  7. Oh my gosh - if I wasn't on BC I would be a nervous wreck every month, you're a brave lady! I've had to switch a bunch though to find something that's low dose enough for me, I'll literally be sick from the hormones in normal pills = (

    Sweet potato fries are amazing, one of my favoutite things.

  8. Mmmm... that Chill Pill scent sounds amazing! I'm all about citrus and lavendar, I wonder how they would smell together!

  9. Sweet potatoe fries are my favorite too!

  10. Hey, I grew up in Cleveland! I live in California now. I was just there though for Christmas. I love meeting other Clevelanders!

  11. Hey, I've been following your blog for just a little while, I like it!

    I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

  12. hi friend! ooooh i am loving your faq fridays! ;)

    great questions + answers..yea, the bf says when you have kids, everything becomes about the kids, obviously, so we want to wait a good few years before doing that. plus i'm terrified of being pregnant/giving birth, haha.

    and wow, i am really honored that you mentioned me, wow again, thank you!

    i really am adoring your blog. we have lots in common too but i also love that you avoid white chocolate which i totally love it, haha.

  13. From what I do know about you, I know you'd make the PERFECT mother, planned or not ;D

  14. Yummm sweet potato fries! SO good!

    Yay for the Q and A! These are so fun!

    Ooooh I wonder if you two love birds are going to have a baby surprise soon????? Well, you will be the most adorable mother when it happens. I hope to adopt one day too! Why must it be so expensive?!

  15. Mmmm, Victoria Secret sprays are absolutely delish.

    Like Shannon said, you would rock as a mother. Like, for real. When the time comes, you are going to have some lucky little hooligans running around!

  16. I hope this isn't too personal to ask, and I sincerely apologize if it is... but since you threw it out there... if you don't use chemicals, hormones, or barriers for birth control, well, then how do you practice birth control? Again, if this is too personal to ask, I totally respect your privacy and understand if you would feel uncomfortable answering.


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