Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Better Than That Weird Private Practice/Grey's Crossover.

Today is 20 something bloggers second video-blog day. And it's a Wednesday, so I combined Worth it Wednesday + video blogging about what I love.

Get excited.

  • "Happy day" in a sing-songy voice. What?
  • I don't complete the corn husks explanation - I was going to say "I don't think corn husks are a bad thing."
  • Mike was seriously staring at me as I sat there and recorded myself. (Or, at least I felt like he was.) Sorry I was so distracted.
  • Here is the link to those earrings. I seriously cannot stop wearing them. And have gotten TONS of compliments. Thanks, Danni!
  • It's super dark and I don't know how to lighten it. At least I don't have a lisp in this, right?
  • I definitely didn't mean to shove my boobs in your face. I apologize for that.
  • I ended quite abruptly because I was going to turn the computer to show you Mike. But I accidentally pushed the 'stop' button. It's just as well, since Mike was covering his face with a textbook when he figured out what I was doing.
  • I have 247 unread items in my Google Reader. I refuse to get stressed out by blogging, but I'm leaving for the next two days for a work retreat and going to my parents this weekend. The number of unread items I'll see on Sunday scares me. Already.
  • Oh! Here are the felts in color. So happy, right?


  1. Very cute! I love the earrings, and that's a great tip for vegan baking!

  2. Fun video :) I love your felt coffee cozies!

  3. I love the title for this post! Your earrings are super cute, I want to try that coffee, and I'm seriously considering ordering one of your coffee cozies with that bright felt. So cute!

  4. those earrings are adorable! great vlog! :)

  5. You're converting me to Etsy and home-made stuff like that.

    Also, I love your voice. I meant to say that on an earlier vlog but I miss hearing American accents!

  6. Your etsy stuff is so cute! I love it.

  7. :) you are ridiculously cute as always. did you update your header and titles? i was on here yesterday i thought and i didn't notice, regardless i love them.

    ps your title is funny!

  8. Hi Ashley! :) Thanks for the shout out.

    Organic instant coffee rocks! So do your new pieces up on Etsy! So pretty!

  9. You are so cute, and I'm loving that the video is in black and white (even though you cannot see the colors of the felt, which are gorgeous.)

    I hope you're having a lovely day, lady!

  10. 1. you are adorable.
    2. i looooved the video, distracted or not =)
    3. earrings = totally gorgeous.

  11. you are just too cute in this video. and so are those earrings.

    i just made my first purchase from danni and i LOVE the necklace i ordered from her.

  12. ah you are too cute! and so are those earrings.

    Is your sweater from gap? because if so I have the same one in like 15 colors.

  13. This was such a cute video, those earrings are ADORABLE on you!!
    And me personally? I loved the "boob cam" No apologies needed ;D

    Ok so cute that you were going to turn the camera on the husband for a video about things you love- oh you two lovebirds!

    Your felt coffee cup sleeves are some of the cutest things in the entire world and even tho I despise sleeves on my coffee cups (i'm weirdo like that) you HAVE to know how hard it is for me to resist the urge to buy one JUST because they're so BRIGHT and FUN!! (esp the one with the polka dots--LOVE!!)
    I request more darling felt keychains! :D I love to pop in and see the new stuff you've made, you rock!

  14. Your earrings are beautiful... so was your ring!!! :)

  15. You are just too darn cute. I'm DEFINITELY looking into organic instant coffee!!

  16. I love the earrings! There is nothing wrong with corn husks!!

  17. i loved this, so cute. you are adorable

  18. You're the BEST EVER! Video blog ALWAYS!

  19. Good tip about the egg's for vegan baking...always wondered how that worked!

  20. Aw, such a cute video blog!

    I don't think I could do one in front of my husband, because I'd feel too awkward and judged. Heehee.

    Also, the earrings are adorable (I've wanted those ones for ages!) and felt makes me happy, too.


  21. Can you video blog every day? You are freaking adorable :)

  22. I love the earrings and cracked up when you said that your friend thought they looked like corn husks!


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