Friday, March 13, 2009

A Big Decision & A Day Off Work.

So, I've decided something. Something BIG.

I'm not going to be wishy washy about it anymore.

I'm only buying new things made in the USA.* That means food (as always. No bananas or kiwi for me!), clothes, housewares, everything! And if I buy it from the thrift store or otherwise used, it doesn't matter where it's from.

There are three reasons why I'm finally committing to this:
1- It's better for OUR economy, and we need it!
2 - Shipping something from China take a lot more fuel than shipping something within this country. Better for the environment.
3- There are labor laws in place in the US that aren't in place in many locations overseas. (That's not to say, of course, that the laws are always followed here.) I want to be sure my things come from people who aren't being exploited or are insanely young. Better for people.

Made in the USA!
My first Made in the USA purchase. Orla Kiely from Target. Love it!

I'm a little nervous about what I'll do when it comes to crafting, since 90% of the stuff in craft stores is made in China. But I know I have to do this!

*Or other developed countries, if need be. What? Sweden makes some really cute fabric!

In other news, I'll be spending today...

Good afternoon.
with these cuties...

Trying to get a cute picture...
...trying to take a good picture...

Em and the Irish Tree.
...and Christmas tree which has become the holiday tree (currently the St. Patrick's Day tree)...

Complete with Irish Spring.
...complete with bars of Irish Spring. My mom is awesome.


  1. Aaa, those little boys are precious! :D I LOVE LOVE LOVE orla kiely-her designs are so awesome! and addicting. orrr they would be if i had any $$ ;D

    I think you're decision is 100% incredible and really seems feasible. TJ and I had a conversation recently about making more of a conscious effort to buy things locally grown/made and within the US. It all started happening for us when the toys from CHina/lead scare happened but nonetheless, our country can use all the help it can get!

    and omg, that TREEEEEE!!! ROFLOL!! so stinkin funny. i think i'd like your mom :D

  2. Good for you! This is a major decision and I commend you for throwing your heart into these causes you're so passionate about! You'll have to let us know your victories and challenges. Enjoy your time off!

  3. Wow- good for you. I have been pondering the idea of only buying stuff from the US- especially clothing due to the exploitation- but I didn't think I could do it . . . but I like you idea about second hand stores- Let us know how it goes with the crafting stuff.

  4. My husband feels the same way about buying things that are made in America, but neither of us can figure out what to do if half of the product is made here and half is made in China (we ran into this problem trying to buy a shovel). What would you do if you could find the product you need, but no manufacturer sold one that was completely made in the States?

  5. Irish Spring?! Hahaha! Very cute. ;]

    I admire your decision to only buy in America. Seriously, every time I come here to read about your environmental endeavors, it inspires me so! Lately, you've inspired me to no longer buy "chemical cleaners" & to just use natural things. (Currently, we're using Dr. Broomer's for all our cleaning needs.) I don't know, though, if I could only buy in the USA. We LIVE off of bananas. We buy like, 14 bananas for the week, & then end up buying 10 more before the week is over. It's a very noble feat, & I would love to hear your progress on it. :]

  6. Good for you! I bet that's a little easier in the States than here in Canada, at least in the grocery stores. A girl can only eat so many apples in one winter, but I do try!

  7. You know now you'll have to blog about all your purchases? I am very curious if this is actually doable.
    The tree is so funny! Do you think it will stay up for the whole year?

  8. I'm so glad Target brought Orla Kiely to my attention, because she is fabulous! You are such an awesome person, and I think you're making the world a better place every day with your convictions and actions. Now go reward yourself with some awesome American made goodness ;)

  9. I too commend you for this, although there is a strange paradox going on here. The same types of people who tout capitalism and our free market system are the same ones who turn their nose up at my Honda Civic because it's Japanese. Well, no one told Ford and Chevy to make crappy cars, right? And isn't that what capitalism is all about? If you make a crappy product no one wants, then people will buy elsewhere and your business will fail. Taking a stand and only buying American is great, but it certainly isn't what the free market intended.

    But I'm a socialist, so it's fine by me. Plastic products (toys especially!) are hard to find American-made, but I did find some Canadian-made toys once, so they're out there. I think buying only American is easier in bigger city areas where 1) you have more selection of stores and 2) the thrift stores carry decent stuff. I hope you'll let us know the obstacles you face at the craft stores. It makes me wonder about the yarn I'm using for my knitting projects...

  10. That is awesome about not buying anything that isn't made in the US! I am trying to be intentional about that as well.

    Side note: Oregon grows awesome kiwi, so the potential is there for you to have some. Let me know if you would like hooked up with a farm out here for some delicious kiwi and I'll email you:)

  11. Have you thought about buying fair trade products as a secondary option? Shipping something from India or Sweden has the same carbon footprint, but a fair trade product from India would also have a reassurance that the folks making the products were paid a decent wage under decent conditions.

  12. It seems hard to do, so please keep sharing tips! Cute kids and cute St. Paddy's day tree!!! I may not know who Orla Kiely is, but I know an Irish first name when I see one--how apropos. :)

  13. I love the tree!!! I kept telling my roommate to do that with our tree, but she wouldn't listen. lol

  14. Kiwis can actually grow in the US

  15. Love the tree idea. love the soap, haha

  16. I'm loving that tree! So much fun! And I'm sure you had so much fun yesterday on your day off work.

    I cannot wait to hear about how this decision is panning out for you. It's something I would like to consider, too!

  17. Ha ha ha, Irish Springs, genius!

  18. I'm really interested to see how this decision plays out, if you'll be frustrated by how much stuff is made abroad etc.

    Ha, and the tree? Perfect.


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