Sunday, March 15, 2009

Second Day Fail and Other Odds and Ends.

1. On Day Two of my I'm Going to Only Shop Made in the USA Hooray! extravaganza, I bought something made in China.

It was a digital converter box and technically I didn't buy it (thank you, Mr. Government). It was the only kind at Target and I could either waste time and money looking (likely without success) for a digital converter box made in the US, not watch TV ever again, or buy a new TV-slash-get cable.

Anyway, it made me realize - along with several wonderful comments from you all - that I need to set some more guidelines for myself. :)

* When given the option, I will choose made in the US, even if it's more costly.
* I will not stop drinking coffee, I'll just purchase fair trade coffee! (And other fair trade things are okay, too.)
* If I cannot find my item made in the US, I'll consider if I could do without it.
* Sometimes, instead of finding Made in the USA, I'll have to be happy with (as a very minimum) not Made in China.
* We drive a Honda Accord, and I have no apologies. It was assembled in Michigan, actually, which is very close.

2. I heard a dad in a parking lot today say to his little girl, "I'm your dad, I'm supposed to buy you everything you want."
Um, no, dude. That's actually not your job. It made me a little sick.

3. I got a 25% off coupon for Michael's today. Get excited. If I can find anything in there not made in China! :)

4. I'm leaving for Juarez, Mexico tomorrow and I'm equal parts nervous and excited. Excited it's going to be in the 80's! I can't wait to wear my Tevas. Nervous because the State Department put out an alert last month about traveling to Mexico, with special mention about how Juarez is insanely dangerous. (almost 2,000 murders since January 2008. Great.) There have been firefights and shootouts in PUBLIC, leaving some American tourists trapped. My coworker who's going with me waves my fear off, "We're gonna be fine. Media hype!" Uh, what? Please, please, please pray for us, cross your fingers, light a candle, send us good vibes, anything! And if I die? Um, don't let this be the last post, okay?

5. I've seriously been awful at commenting and keeping in touch in general. What with traveling and work and Etsy and design jobs, it's been tough. Be patient with me. I still adore all of you.

6. I made a laptop sleeve for my shop and I couldn't be more excited about it. Seriously, just ask my sisters and Mike. All weekend, I've been stroking it with delight. Stop judging me.

pretty padded laptop sleeve.


  1. I love that laptop sleeve! And will keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. On my walk to church this morning, a dad was pushing his 3 year old daughter in a stroller, and I heard him say "I'm sorry you're sad. You tell me if there's a way I can make you feel better. I'm your dad, that's what I'm supposed to do."

    Hearing that made me happy, and reading that dad quote in your post reminded me of that, even though it was essentially the opposite sentiment.

  3. the laptop sleeve is too cute! i wish i had one just so i could buy it!

    good luck and have fun soaking up the sun in Mexico! hopefully, it is all just hype.

  4. Ah! I want a laptop sleeve! Don't die in Mexico, haha!

  5. To put things into perspective. 100 homicides per year in Cleveland scares most people from the suburbs to death and makes them too fearful to even enter the city. This is in a country that is easily one of the safest in the world.

    You are talking about traveling to a highly destabilized area of a state that is on the brink of collapse. Why anyone with a choice would want to go there right now is beyond me. P.S. there are plenty of other places with 80 degree temperatures right now.

  6. Oh wow, I'll definitely be thinking prayerful thoughts for your trip to Mexico!! And that sleeve is gorgeous!

  7. Hope everything goes well in Juarez. I've heard about recent Mexico travel warnings too but I'm sure it will be fine!

  8. Love the laptop sleeve!

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  9. Praying for your trip to Mexico!!! Adorable laptop sleeve. I'm totally the same when when I make something knew. ;)

  10. You are wonderful...also, I probably would have not been able to hide my shock and disgust on hearing a dad say that to his daughter.

    Also, the laptop sleeve is amazing. :)

  11. Oh! And I truly hope everything goes well on your trip! You must come back safe and sound, you absolutely must!

  12. I adore that laptop sleeve. Are you selling them? It is beautiful!

  13. Love the laptop sleeve. What did you pad it with?

    Be safe in Mexico!

  14. That laptop sleeve is seriously cute! Looks very nice.
    I hope you find something not made in China at Michael's. I have hard time figuring out where all the fabric is made. And I still haven't seen organic fabric at the store.
    Don't die in Mexico! I think you'll be fine, stick with your coworker. You have so many things waiting for you here, you need some optimism :)
    And, to shamelessly steal your blog, really, really shamelessly, I need more people voting on my poll. Otherwise it's not fun. So, please, go read and then vote at the OK, done shamelessly stealing :)

  15. love the laptop sleeve! will you be making them in different fabrics?

  16. I'm loving the new laptop sleeve! I wish I was half as crafty as you!

    And be safe in Mexico!

  17. I'll pray especially to Our Lady of Guadalupe to keep you safe in your travels (and if you need help my godparents are in Mex. City!).

    Good news about Michael's--they sell Sharpie pens and they are made in U.S.A. The laptop sleeve looks sleek; I'd be stroking it, too. :)

  18. Have a fabulous trip!
    I'm thinking that laptop sleeve will go like hotcakes!

  19. i love the laptop sleeve!! so cute!!

  20. Have a great trip! That laptop sleeve is wonderful!

  21. So I'm behind in reading, and i recently stumbled upon your blog, but had to comment about that dad. And we wonder why so many kids feel entitled to have all this STUFF. I agree. That would make me ill.


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