Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Bit of a Bipolar Post.

I have a problem.

A list problem.

I have grocery lists, lists for my Etsy shop, lists of design projects, lists for work, lists for my new job, and lists for packing and moving. My constant multi-tasking has enabled me to never really focus on one thing. I work on a sewing project while Mike and I watching a movie, I clean the room while we're talking, and I mentally plan out my day while running. I am basically unable to relax and enjoy myself. (Except when I was at the beach. Ah, the beach house.)

Instead of being fully present in a moment, I am stressed about what's for dinner, when we're going to pack, how messy the bathroom is, and why there are always dishes in the sink.

I'm a long, long way from figuring out how to enjoy the process of each day instead of viewing each day as 24 hours in which to get things done.

. . .


I sound like SUCH a downer.

I was going to write a post about how this weekend made me realize that my friends make me feel like myself. That I am loud and weird and dorky and silly and they know that. They remember doing Indian runs for fun. They remember how I used to mooch off them at lunch. They remember when we met eleven years ago, and stayed friends with me even when I moved to the other side of the world and back. These people are amazing.

Cue Journey corniness awesomeness: After all these yeeeears...

They don't bat an eye when I score a 15 on the 1-10 scale of the How Much Like Princess Leia Do I Look?...


They join me (and more importantly, don't judge me) when I decide to talk to them boobs on the altar...


They know that when I am in a picture, there's a 90% chance there will be an open mouth and/or a peace sign involved...


They are not above showering in a YMCA locker room before getting our hair done for Katie's wedding...


They never make me feel as insanely tiny as I am...


I hope your weekend was filled with happiness and that you got to take a break from lists, too. :)


  1. I am no help... I have a list problem too! I like to think of it as a quirky habit, rather than a "problem," though.

    Lovely photos from your friend's wedding!

  2. Huge list problem. I let things to sometimes though. You should make one day a week the zero list day. Maybe Sunday?

  3. Wow... My comment makes no sense.

    I meant to say:

    I have a huge list problem. I let things go sometimes though.


  4. I too never live in the present because I'm ALWAYS thinking about what's next.

    Skydiving is the only time I'm fully living in the moment. But I suppose I have to, huh?

  5. I have the same problem chillaxing as you do. I also call my list making "stress" but my husband says it's not stress... it's called crazy.

    I like the open mouth, peace sign pics and the fact that you are short.

    I am short and love throwing the peace sign. Call me crazy.

  6. I used to be like this too like I felt guilty if I was just doing nothing. Now I've probably swung too far the other way. What if you gave yourself just a set amount of time each day to just relax. Like schedule it in. OR maybe being busy IS what relaxes you and you just don't realize it?

    Good luck woman!

  7. I have list issues too.

    So glad you got a weekend of feeling like you. This post made me miss my ladies from college.

  8. I used to have the same problem (and still do, to some extent, but I'm keeping it down to 2 or 3 lists now). Something that helps me is to loosely schedule my time. So I'll have all these random lists, but I have one main one. And on the main one, I give myself a general ideas of times of the day that I will start a certain project and stop it. This way, I'm not doing a million things at once because I know that I have a time scheduled to do the other things later.

    I hope that helps a little bit!

  9. I seriously have a MAJOR list problem and the same problem with the whole worrying about only having 24 hours to get things done. I really stress about it sometimes. It's good to know there are so many of us "list-ys" :D

  10. Being mindful and living in the present is my ultimate goal. Seriously. Let's work on this together.

    Also? I know I've said this many times before, but you're SO PRETTY!

  11. loved the pictures. it's great to have a group of friends like that!


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