Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Collection of Random Happy Things.

  • Speaking of which, when I mentioned to Mike that I was pretty bummed I missed out on hanging out with a whole lot of awesomeness in Vegas, he replied, "Yeah, I really wish you could have gone." Wait, what? Where is my husband? He totally would have said something like, "Your friends are fake."
  • Speaking of husbands being wonderful, yesterday he transformed our back porch with flowers, bought me sushi, made iced tea, and danced with me. Because we'd gotten in a little fight earlier in the day. What a keeper.
  • Speaking of...okay, no more segues: Hilary launched her new website (nice banner, eh? Hehe.).
  • I've been completing more items from my 101 in 1001 list, namely:
* Bought a domain.
* Designed business cards.
* Designed and sold invitations (for the lovely Renee).
* Cleaned out my inbox (Down to 0 unread - I'm the kind of girl who has 100+ unread emails regularly. It's bad.)
* Told one more friend about my blog. Here's to friends who don't judge me for blogging!
* Went to a religious service of another religion/denomination - my friend's wedding last weekend...
  • This photo - it's just so us:
  • Oh yeah, and...I got a job offer. No big deal, just a FREAKIN' AWESOME job. (For those interested in the details - I'd be doing service and social justice-type work at a high school. So, school schedule but no lesson plans! Awesome.) I feel pretty lucky (and a little cooler than I actually am) to have had two job offers during a time when so many are having difficulty finding jobs.
Just Beachy.
That means I can spend my summers doing this, right?


  1. Yay! I'm really happy to hear about your job offers :)

  2. Aww, you are the sweetest thing! Thank you for your support about my missing camera! Your ring story BROKE MY HEART! Your husband sounds so extremely supportive, though. Much like I was trying to desperate to be like on the day Jonathan lost our camera.

    Did you ever find it??

  3. okay. you and husband are so adorable! i love it!

    and congrats on the job offers! and having summers to etsy your heart out!

    ..oh boy, your happy things resulted in an ABUNDANCE of exclamation marks.. heehee =)

  4. congrats! love your blog! I also got a job offer today!... you guys look great in that pic, you seem to be a really nice couple!

  5. Congrats on the job offer! I am so jealous of you having the summers off... maybe I need to change careers. :-) Plus, now you'll have a few months a year to do all the crafty things you love!

    That is a totally adorable photo of you and your hubby... definitely frameable.

  6. Love the post. Love the picture. Love that you have an amazing hubs and SO HAPPY for your job offer.

    Mazel Tov!!

  7. congrats on the job and all the happy news in blogworld. i'm hoping next year to be able to go to the Vegas trip as well.

    you should go celebrate the new jobby job! cheers. :)L

  8. Congratulations!!!! That's awesome!

  9. This weekend I was totally like, "Man, I wish Ashley were here!" You were missed!

    Congrats on your super awesome job. Today begins the day I actively look for a new one. Send me your good luck!

  10. "Your friends are fake." Hahah - hilarious. He IS a keeper, though.

  11. Love that photo of you two! Adorable.

    My husband would so say "your friends are fake" too.

  12. Dude that's awesome! I'm shopping for jobs in the C Town area tooo so it's positive to hear.

  13. how adorable are the two of you? REALLY.

    there will be a next year, we're already starting to buzz with ideas, but there is also going to be a trip to minneapolis in August. :)

    i might have cried when i saw ev'yans tweet about getting her camera back. no joke.

    we definitely missed you in vegas!

  14. Congrats on the job offer! I am really, really glad that things worked out. Best of luck in the future!

  15. That's awesome about the job! I'll have to hit you up for tips.

  16. You and your husband are so adorable!

  17. WOW! How exciting for you on the two job offers! I cannot wait to hear more about them.

    I love your list, too. It makes me smile. So much.

  18. those pictures are so great :) you two look so happy together!

  19. Yay job offers! Congrats! And that photo of you two is adorable.

  20. So happy to hear about your exciting job offer! And for the record, that is THE CUTEST photo of the two of you!

  21. 1. You were missed in Vegas and yes there will be a next year and I call you as a roomie!

    2. Awesome job on Hil's banner! I am starting a new one. Will def need a banner!

    3. When I told Hil to come to Vegas with me her first response was, "Is Ashley going to be there?"

    4. You are loved.

  22. All right with the job offers, chickie!

    That porch swing shot is just too sweet.

  23. Yes, I'm already planning next year's Blogger Family Reunion, don't worry :)

  24. this post made me smile, you two are absolutely precious.

  25. I appreciate so much your openness. Let's me know it is not ridiculous to simply keep moving forward into what feels like an abyss of uncertainty.

  26. happy happy happy happy. very good things coming your way, you deserve it!

  27. Yeah yeah yeah!
    I love happy news :) Thanks for the design, it is seriously awesome. I feel so much more legit now!

    Next year we MUST go to Vegas. We are saving up for a super long road trip now, so all the funds are going to that. But next year we must!

    Please send the job karma my way. I'm going to need it really bad pretty soon. I would love something in education too, where you get summers off!

    Love you!

  28. YAY for happy random thoughts!
    Yay for you!

    And yes, excited about the prospect of Vegas next year! I wanna go! And see you!

    Aww, your husband is such a sweetie! Sushi, iced tea, flowers and dancing!

    Love the picture of you and your boy! So, so cute! And that beach house looks so cool! Right by the water!

    Congrats on the job offer! YAYA!!!!

  29. Um, cutest couple photo ever? I think so. I want that for my fridge. (Just kidding...or am I?)

    Also, would you like to clean out my inbox? K, thx.


    PS: Next year. You. Me. Vegas. Shenanigans. The end.

  30. Hey remember the time you said you wished you could have gone to Vegas and then you planned a road trip to LA where everyone is dying to meet you?

    Yeah I really want to meet you.


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