Friday, June 12, 2009

Cotton Candy is TOTALLY Worth $12.

My life is INSANELY blessed at this moment in time, I will not bore you with another happy post. Instead, a few responses to you:

On the $12 Outfit: I'm totally excited that I'm not the only one with an affinity for bargains. There were snooty girls at my high school who were the type to know whether someone was wearing last season clothes (from American Eagle or Abercrombie, of course - quintessential high school brands). They were not my friends. You girls TOTALLY are.

On the Silly Picture: You know we were being sarcastic, right? The little kids had their pictures taken on the swings, so, naturally, I forced Mike into doing a photo shoot with me. Making fun of ourselves, we took a totally cheese picture. Which is my favorite, because I'm a huge dork. (See serious ones here and here - that first one might just beat our former pick for a Christmas card picture...)

On the Job Situation: I have a job offer and I love the job. I also am interviewing for an equally, if not more, awesome job. I need to accept or decline the first job offer by Monday. I have my second interview for the second job on Monday.

I have no idea what to do. Any advice for juggling job offers? Better to have one in the basket than two in the bushel and all that?

...Okay, just one happy piece!

On Free Things:

I've gotten my fair share of some wonderful goodies from the internet - an amazing candle, some Coffee Bean gift cards, a Starbucks Gold Card, and now:


A huge box full of amazing Annie Chuns from Naturally Savvy. AMAZING.

Also awesome and free - last night our neighbor came over and gave us free tickets to the Indians game. Four rows behinds their dugout. It was insanely exciting. In fact, I kept tugging on Mike arm and shrieking, "THIS IS SO EXCITING!" I forgot to bring my camera, of course.

All you're missing is copious amount of seagulls pooping and me in my baggy jeans, wet hair, and make-up-less face. (What? I had just gotten out of the shower and the game started five minutes after we got the tickets! Don't judge me.) Oh, and lots of shoveling junk food in my face.

I believe it went something like this: "It's free! Let's spend $5 on french fries! And $12 on cotton candy! Woohoo baseball games!"

Good times.


  1. Is there any way you can ask for additional time to consider the first offer? Maybe ask them to have until the end of the week, or at least Wednesday? That way you might have a better feel for the second job after your interview, so you can make a more informed choice between the two.

  2. I ditto stephanie.

    and I love the pictures of you and mike, all of them. too bad you're both so darn adorable :)

  3. If you can't get additional time to consider (which I agree is the best option), maybe you can say something to the second people? Like that you are weighing a few different options and when do they think they could let you know about their decision?

    Either way, not a bad problem to have!

  4. A baseball game is just NOT a baseball game without shoveling junk food in your mouth, it's the law ;) LOL

  5. That's so fantastic that you have these options to weigh! I would say what Jess & Stephanie said - that you need to think about it until Wednesday maybe, and then let the 2nd company know that you've already been offered another position and you're really interested in meeting with them further, but that you need to know if they're interested in you by Wednesday.

    It's totally fair to make them aware of each other, and of your deadlines.

    I'm so happy things are coming together for you!! Not like they weren't together before ;)

  6. OMG I love Annie Chuns - jealous!!

  7. You are so lucky :) I am dying to go to a baseball game, that's super awesome!! mmm..cotton candy :)

  8. Can you tell job #1 that you are going on another interview and would appreciate more time? I think that's totally reasonable.

  9. What Stephanie (#2) said. They'll appreciate your honesty--and if they're that eager to have you they'll wait. Reasonably.

    Look at you with all that swag! Cotton candy tastes better at the ballgame. As do hot dogs (sorry to the vegetarians among us for mentioning them but it's true), pretzels, peanuts, and beer.

  10. You and your husband are adorable. Free things like tickets are awesome and when they are free it makes the food taste better doesn't it?

  11. Good times indeed! and I love the fact you can put together a $12 outfit - oooh to me slim enough to put together a cheaper outfit!


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