Sunday, July 26, 2009

Days 3 - 6: Camping Adventures.

I'm quite far behind on blogging due to being in the wilderness for three days (and then in Las Vegas. And now in Los Angeles!). I'm not going to stop, though! I'm enjoying sharing my trip with you all and I know I'll be glad in a few months when this awesome vacation all blurs together in my head while I'm slaving away again at work.

After spending a morning in Denver at REI (where I picked up a pair of hiking-slash-water shoes for our adventures) and Whole Foods stocking up on camping food, we were off to Pike National Forest near Fairplay, Colorado.

We stopped in Fairplay to get some s'mores supplies and check out the adorable town of South Park:

South Park
They have a sense of humor. Love it!

This is normal.
I may have forced Mike to stop in the middle of the road and take a picture with me. :)

A Little Tree Nubbin.
A wee tree nubbin we came upon on a hike. I wanted to take it my pocket, but apparently that's illegal in National Forests. Pssh.

Camping was a bit cold and pretty buggy, but nothing compared to the next night in Colorado National Monument, where we backpacked. Let's just say that one sleeping pad + two people + one fire ant on my butt at 2am + desert + rocks = little sleep.

Just too pretty.
You're lucky you're pretty, Colorado. Otherwise, I'd punch you for putting a fire ant ON MY BUTT. Which may or may not have been pant-less. (What? It's the desert. You can't expect me to wear pants in the desert, people.)

Taking a break.
Taking a break from hiking.

I roughed it.
It really was isolated. A little creepy but sort of nice.

At least we saw a gorgeous sunrise.

We headed over to Zion National Park in Utah, where I could not stop taking photos. Basically, I need to just shut up and show you how absolutely gorgeous it was...In the next post! :)


  1. OMG! Keens are my FAVORITE shoe ever! (You know how you have that addiction to Target and Starbucks that makes you feel all less than green? Keens are it for me. I own WAY too many...and want to keep getting more even though they are new goods, and expensive!) You should totally check out the Keen flickr group! :-)

    Oh...and not to completely focus on the random point about your new shoes. Cold, fire ant on your butt and sounds like camping was amazing! So jealous of this trip you guys are taking!

  2. Oh wow, your photos are gorgeous! Love the shots of you two, so cute! :)

  3. Wow. I'm not sure it's possible to make me more jealous with just one post. Photos are gorgeous and I MISS being out there - especially Colorado. I seriously need to get out there next year. Camping sounds fun too. And I like that you just stopped in the middle of the road for a picture :)

  4. Ah, gorgeous! And remember how we're going to meet TODAY? In like, FIVE HOURS? Weee!

  5. Love the b&w one of you two, looks like an amazing trip. Aside from the ants. :S

  6. Those photos are fantastic. I'm excited to see the Zion ones!

  7. Oh that looks absolutely fantastic! Also, I'm completely jealous of your little meet-up with the LA bloggers. Have fun!

  8. What an amazing trip :) I love thinking about how some day those tiny little baby trees will be giant towering evergreens. It's such a cool thought! Can't wait to see your Zion photos--my parents rhapsodized about its beauty!

  9. You wear kids' shoes too? awesome.

    I would love to go to South Park someday- it sounds cute.

    Glad you are having a good trip!

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