Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Favorite Day is Today.

Today has been glorious.

I woke up this morning at eight o'clock. It always makes me happy to wake up early on the weekends, because I feel like I'm making the most of out my little two days off. I cleaned for an hour before Mike woke up (Cleaning with no one else awake in the house is a treat. Yes, I am slightly crazy.)

We went to brunch at the adorable Vine & Bean Cafe (our visit was documented here). It's a restaurant in a house - you feel like you're visiting a friend with the cozy dining room and fireplace. A darling 10-year-old boy greeted us and showed us to our table. I have this problem where I can't resist talking to kids if I'm around them. (Last weekend, I got into a discussion with a 3-year-old at Target in the check out line. I'm telling you, it's serious.)

Me: "What a bummer! They make you work on Saturday?"
Him: "I know! Doesn't it stink?"
Me: "I'm sure you'd rather be watching cartoons or something."
Him: "...Actually, I like working because then I can earn money and buy stuff for people."
Me: "You are adorable. Will you be my adopted son?"
Him: "You're freaking me out, lady. Can I get you guys some water?"

Okay, so maybe that last bit didn't actually happen. But I did make sure to give him his tip personally. And tried not to tuck him in my pocket.

I ordered a mimosa and a giant cup of coffee, which made my waitress want to be friends with me. Then I enjoyed the best brunch ever: curried tofu, potatoes, veggies, and buttered toast. Sounds simple, tastes insanely delicious.

During breakfast, I got a call from my aunt that she, my uncle, and their three boys were at a toy store around the corner. The kind of toy store that is filled with the most fabulous toys you've ever seen. The kind of toy store that makes you want to pop out a child just so you have an excuse to buy this, this, or this.

We bought a few presents for Mike's nieces and nephews. This is the first year in our marriage that we've been earning a decent salary, which means we can afford to splurge a teensy bit and get real Christmas gifts! Hurrah!

Seeing my squishy faced 2-year-old cousin and his 5-and-6-year-old brothers (Me: "Do you remember who I am!? It's been forever!" 5-year-old: "Yes! You're Ashley!" Me: Melting.) was equally wonderful. May I say again how much I adore being near my family? Adore.

After stopping by the library to return some things, get a new novel, and pay my fine, we're now at a deliciously cozy local coffee shop, drinking mochas (hazelnut mocha for me, thank you) and I'm about to email some clients about freelance design projects and work on my final for design class.

Hello, dream day, my name is Ashley.


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