Monday, January 11, 2010

Hire Me?

Reasons Working from Home (and/or Coffee Shops) Would be the Best Ever:
  • No commute. Let me emphasize this: No. Commute. Sure, this might mean a decrease in my listening to NPR, learning what is going on in the world, and bopping around in my seat to Party in the USA - but I'm pretty sure I could do that in the comfort of my own home, too.
  • Packing lunch isn't fun. It's so much nicer to fix myself a nice grilled cheese and soup for lunch. Yes? Yum.
  • Multi-tasking! I'd be able to clean while I work - you know, throw in a load of laundry, run the dishwasher, and even clean up after myself during the day. Maybe my house would actually stay clean for once. Sure, my work day might grow a little longer, but did I mention? No. Commute. (I currently commute 20 miles to work. Hence the bitter.)
  • New Uniform: Yoga Pants & Slippers. Am I right? I used to work at an after-school center where our uniform was jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes (eh, sneakers or whatever you other people call them). I hated it. I thought getting dressed up every day would be so much better. Cute clothes! Heels! I would love it. I don't. I miss comfy clothes.
  • I Like to Move It Move It. So maybe not now so much (it's currently snowing and "feels like 6 degrees" in Cleveland), but when it's nice enough to go running - I usually leave and get back home when it's dark. Which means - less running. Which means - fatter Ashley.
  • Babies. When I have them (or, one), it might be nice to stay home with them and see them do stuff. Like, drool. And cry. And spit up on me. Or, you know, be their mama and hang out with them once they're funny and cute.
  • I'm Anti-Social. Okay, not really. But Costco in the middle of a Tuesday has got to be better than a Sunday afternoon.
  • Dinner that's Not Kraft. Or made in the slow cooker. It would be good. You know it.
  • You Tell Me! Do you work from home? Do you want to? Why?
Reality: So, I'm aware this isn't how it would really go. More likely, I would sleep in a little later, waste more time online, and never do my hair. I'd procrastinate and have to work way more hours than I do now. (What with the cleaning and the cooking and the grocery shopping and running.) But! I could do it in my yoga pants, which is the best idea. Ever.


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