Friday, January 8, 2010

Twenty-ten is Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

"Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

This past year has seen a lot more goal-setting than I've ever done - I often set monthly goals and I have my 101 in 1001, of course. I do more when I set goals. I've take the time to think about what I want and where I want to be in small, specific ways, and then I work to achieve it. (Or, okay, I think about what I want, and then still end up on the couch eating Joe Joes and watching Gilmore Girls. But, still. The intention and all that.)

Using the Zen Habit's guide to resolutions, I've set six goals for this year - and I'll take two months to work on each goal. Working on one at a time is difficult, but I know my attention span means that nothing will happen if I try to do three or four at once.

.1. Declutter house and keep it clean.
.2. Be a better wife.
.3. Run a race.
.4. Increase my freelance design business.
.5. Be more frugal & save more money.
.6. Sell more on Etsy.
.7. (bonus! if I'm ambitious) Become a better photographer.

For each goal I have a small step each week to keep me on track. For example, I'm cleaning up my clothes at the end of every day this week to help keep the house clean. (You know that pile of work clothes at the end of every day that you're just tooo tired to put awaaaay? Oh, that's just me. Cool.) Baby steps mean no failures, right?

Here's to a fabulous 2010 filled with happiness and clean floors.


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