Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yeah, I Should *Probably* Read More Books.

Even though we don’t own a television, we still love watching TV online and on DVD. We get so into the shows together, squealing (okay, more me than him) when happy things happen and throwing things at the TV when characters make stupid decisions (*cough* RoryGilmore*cough*).
We mostly stumble across shows by finding them at the library or recommendations from people with good taste. Here's what we like to watch. (* means it's a show I watch, Mike doesn't.)
Currently On:
30 Rock – Best show currently on TV, in my opinion. It’s absolutely hilarious every week, for the entire episode. I cannot express the genius that is 30 Rock in words. Just watch it.
Big Love – This show is absolutely *fascinating.* I love the characters and how it gives the viewer a glimpse of what modern day polygamy might be like. So interesting.

*Glee – I mostly watch for the amazing performances and the adorable characters. The plot? Slightly annoying, but I’ll suspend judgment until the show comes out with new episodes in April.
How I Met Your Mother – I adore the characters, particularly Lily and Marshall. A YOUNG married couple that is actually happy? On television? No. Way. They’re *adorable*.
Project Runway – Three words: Tim. Freaking. Gunn. Sigh.
*The Biggest Loser – I didn’t watch this for a while, but I’m back on the bandwagon. Anything that encourages us to be healthier is a good idea in my book.
The Office – Although this show has lost a bit of luster this season, I will always and forever adore it. Amen. Plus, Mike and I still nudge each other with “We saw him in person!!” whenever Oscar is on screen.
Ugly Betty – I just found out this show is canceled, which crushes me. It’s a brilliant combination of funny, serious, and some of the best character development I’ve seen in a television show. And I totally want Mark to be my best friend.
Arrested Development – So much funny packed into such a short series. And it’s intelligent funny, too. Win. PS: Michael Cera is adorable.
Flight of the Conchords - Another short series, this show follows a comic singing duo from New Zealand as they try to make it in New York City. The songs are hilarious, as are the characters. And for an HBO show, it’s surprisingly clean.
*Friends – If you don’t enjoy Friends, I have nothing to say to you. Period.
Gilmore Girls – In college, my roommates loved this show, but I couldn’t stand how fast the girls talked. It drove me CRAZY. A few years later, after hearing from lots of people how wonderful the show is, I decided to give it another chance. And the rest is history. A happy, happy history of warm fuzzy memories of the show. Mmm.
*Sex and the City – Even though this show makes me squirm with discomfort and often mute lest Mike judge me, I really love the relationships the girls have with each other. I also sort of adored how realistic the show was about pregnancy and motherhood when Miranda had Brady. Carrie Bradshaw’s scream is the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard, though. I mean, really. Is that necessary?
I tried:
*Army Wives – I loved the first season or two of this show, but then I just…couldn’t handle it anymore. The dramatics and the characters just started to annoy me.
*Veronica Mars – Oh, how I loved this show. When I was sick for a week a few years ago, I laid on the couch for days watching it. Glorious. Then Mike pointed out some things about it that I just couldn’t ignore. I might try it again…oh, how I love Kristen Bell.
Next, I think I shall try The West Wing, Felicity, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Freak and Geeks, and the Big Bang Theory. I’ve heard so much enthusiasm about these – and I tend to like shows that make me giggle and squeal.
PS: It just looks like a lot of television. I'm usually cooking or sewing while I watch the shows, not parked on my butt. Promise.
What TV shows do you watch?

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  1. friends = all time fave. my fiance and i quote it all.the.time, and can basically apply every situation to things in our lives at one time or another.
    weeds - earlier episodes are better than the current season 5, but still a brilliant show.
    true blood - i must admit, my guilty pleasure.
    LOST - jack + sawyer + confusing-as-hell storyline. addictive.
    big love - equally as fascinated as you. don't you find yourself 'accepting' polygamy afterward though? then you have to check yourself. weird.


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