Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Long Overdue Shop Update.

It has been a long while since I've done an update on my Etsy shop. Partially because I was tired and sick for a few months (now you know why! yay! openness and honesty!) and partially because I am just. so. darn. busy. and crafting has taken a back burner (to things like freelance design jobs and long work hours and a new class and episodes of Freaks and Geeks).

Well, Mike was gone this weekend and I went on a sewing binge - sewing fourteen coffee sleeves and an adorable throw pillow for our couch. It was glorious. And completely therapeutic to watch  movie after movie while I measured, cut, and sewed my heart out.

Here are some my latest creations:

New Things!
Clockwise from top left: creamy blue mod - set of four coasters, small rose earrings in peachy pink, neutral and cozy - set of four coasters, lilac and aqua - a set of hair pins, tons of coffee sleeves in adorable fabrics, funky elegance - choose a ring.

I also have a few deals going on right now including half off felted goodies and a few ring with purchases over $15.

My Etsy shop always brings me so many wonderful interactions with fabulous people. Last month, I created an order of adoption announcements for a lovely woman in Louisiana who adopted the most adorable child EVER from Korea. She even sent me photos of her homecoming and it made me a bit teary-eyed. Etsy creates stories out of commerce. And I love that.
I'm so excited that I've now entered what my little sister calls "The Golden Trimester," (seriously? They learned it in their family and parenting class in high school. It had better be golden!) and will have more energy to put towards my shop. No more 9pm bed times for me. (Okay, maybe just a few.)


  1. I don't want to be annoying, but the "funky elegance- choose a ring".. could it be made into a set of earrings possibly? I'm obsessed with the dark rose one, and would love it as an earring. Let me know. =)

  2. oooh purty.

    and its true, the 2nd trimester is wonderful.

    you feel good, you look cute with your belly, you get to buy and wear fun maternity clothes and you're not the exhausted truck/cow that happens in the 3rd trimester :-p

  3. Yay for updates! I love looking at other people's craftiness since I have none of my own - Etsy is one of my addictions :) And the 2nd trimester IS the best - you look cute and you feel great! Congratulations!

  4. Oohh, I would be interested in adoption announcements! We are adopting twin 6 year old boys from Ethiopia and I have been dreaming about what we could send out to friends and family... We will hopefully travel in May to pick them up, so we've got some time, but if you want to email me I'd love to chat with you about it...



  5. How did you know I needed coasters!?

  6. I don't comment here a lot but I ordered two sets of earrings from you like last week, got them last night and I gotta say, I really love them. I even got some compliments when I got to work this morning!

  7. i just ordered some of your stuff! I cannot wait to get it! so cute!!

  8. I just discovered your blog not so long ago, in fact- three days ago! I've spend these past 3 days scouring it, awe-ing at it's cuteness, and in love with your blogging style.
    I now am commenting to tell you that I LOVE those hairpins, and they are sadly sold out on your Etsy :( MAKE MORE PLEASE! :(


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